Monday, April 29, 2013

Y~is for yoga

Right up to the time I was hospitalized and began chemo I had been enjoying Yoga classes at LifeTime Fitness. The classes were intense and I LOVED them!
Prior to the classes I had some videos I would do at home so I was familiar with yoga but these classes took it to a whole new level, with my favorite being Yin-Yoga.

I have missed my workouts at the club, swimming, cycle classes and yoga of course.

I began searching for yoga videos that I could do at home and found two I am happy with. After taking such advanced classes I worried these might be too easy. However after about 9 or 10 rounds of chemo, these were perfect! Honestly good for anyone starting out or with some yoga experience. There are just tips how to modify for those of us who have had surgery, are going through chemo and the like.

 I plan to use these DVD's to gain my own strength back and then teach them in my classes...which I can't wait to get back too!
Ocean Soul, Yoga for cancer recovery with Claire Petretti. Photo from Amazon

Thriving Yoga, Yoga for breast cancer. Photo from Amazon

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Stephanie B said...

It isn't near you, but just thought I would tell you that Jewish Family Services has these modified yoga classes :)


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