Wednesday, April 24, 2013

S~ Stitching

One very important part of going through something like chemotherapy is to try to maintain a sense of humor! I am fortunate to have several people who get this and have fun with me, even through the the many hours spent in the "chemo room".

A great friend of mine Vicki, is one of the "regulars" who takes me for treatment. We always have a fun time and we laugh A LOT! Even at chemo.

To make use of these hours she agreed to teach me to crotchet. My first lesson was during chemo and I fell in love with it!

After just a couple of lessons I decided to make my youngest son a blanket for his 23rd birthday, which is today! I immediately started working on my second blanket for my husband....I am hooked!

Vicki and I decided we didn't like the term, chemo or treatment. We wanted to call it something else,something lighter. Since we bring our crotchet projects with us and talk about all kinds of things, some light some heavy discussions,we decided to call our Monday chemo sessions "Stitching & Bit**ing" instead. We do stitch, hardly ever Bit**, because we are too busy laughing and making the best out of a not so great situation.

A few weeks ago my son Matt took Vicki's place. He and I have some GREAT laughs together! We had our "Stitching & Bit**ing" morning and some great laughs too!

"My mom tried to ride on the IV machine when the nurses weren't looking >_< hahaha. Yeah we have fun at chemo"! ~Matthew
photo by Matt M
There are plenty of hard times through all of this....keeping it light when we can has been a great coping method for all of us :)

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you're 'hooked' :D


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