Saturday, April 13, 2013

K~ Kevin, a letter from my son.

                A Letter from Kevin - Trials of the "Corinth Minichs"

I believe I was only 10 or 11 when I first heard my Mom had cancer. I remember, we were sitting in the living room, I was on the ground right by the table my dad had recently made (still strong and sturdy as ever today, which is what he said it would be 15 years ago when he made it) the rest of the family was there. Mom and Dad walked in and told us the news. I wanted details on what it all meant and how we were going to move forward. Once I heard that some rounds of chemo and it would be gone I had faith that everything was going to be fine. Never once did I doubt things would become worse.

 Of course, at that age I didn't know much about chemo and how horrible it can be, and still to this day I feel I blocked out how sick my Mom really was. I just remember her being in her room sleeping a lot and then it was over. I remember the day we shaved her head and how we made it fun, as my Dad was being goofy when shaving all her hair off.

 In my eyes it was just temporary and it would be over soon, and it seemed like that is what happened. Chemo was over and there was no more cancer...simple and easy. 5 years went by and still no sign of disease. The 5 year marker was big. Odds went up after 5 years. We walked all the "Race for the Cures" fund-raised, etc... Things were fine, life went on - in our immediate  family of five, Dad, Mom, me, Tim and Matt.

After that it was family around us that received what we call "The Minich Curse". It seemed like every 6 - 12 months a tragedy would happen. My Uncle Jim with leukemia passed away, My Grandpa Minich with a brain tumor, my Grandma Minich shortly after that,then  my cousin passed away.

 Multiple cancer diagnoses...the list goes on, and we joke and say it's about that time when we will get a phone call, the ones at 11pm that you just know are bad...your heart sinks, you prepare yourself, then the tears come and multiple phone calls are made to others followed by more tears. It's a sick cycle, exhausting, but we're tough...we're Minichs! We have to be rocks otherwise we would all crawl into a corner and fall into a deep depression. We can't do anything but carry on. forward. Cancer gone...nope. Round 2, ding ding, fight! Mom was training, running marathons, at the top of her game, and cancer decides to show it's nasty evil face again. Where? Spine, rib, lung, etc... Of course this sucked for everyone, but the Minich curse eventually made it's way back to the Corinth Minichs. What did I do this time when I got the word? Same thing as last time. "Give me details". I heard the details and with me the glass is always half full and still is. What's the game plan? What do the doctors say? What are we doing? Pray and go!

Every time the cancer comes back, I have always put my money on my Mom...every time. Only once was I scared when she was in the hospital having the surgery on her lungs. Even then though, I never lost hope and knew things would work out. It just gets tough being in those damn hospitals time after time.

 The first time I had been in a hospital in a LONG time was a year and a half ago for the birth of my son...and even then, he scared the hell out of all of us as he came out without crying, without breathing, pale, and lifeless. NICU came rushing in and started working on him giving him a kick-start. I remember Nikki looking over at me and  giving her a fake smile ensuring everything was ok as she was totally oblivious to what was going on. Just one more moment in my life where my heart sank to my stomach and a feeling of emptiness came over me. Nothing has been better in the world than hearing Liam cry for the first time as he began to breathe.

Now...back to my Mom. Finally, the lung surgery was a success, she was able to come home after 11 long days in the hospital, her strength was returning, now...time for chemo! Yay! :( Now being older, I better understood the side-effects that may ensue with her treatment. Luckily, despite a constant state of tiredness, some nausea, etc...this time around has been a million times better than what she went through the first time. These last few runs are getting tougher and tougher, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, tumor markers are down, lungs are cleared up...everything is going according to plan! Just as I had faith it would.

Where am I now? 4 treatments away from more tests to be run of which I have faith will come back great, no sign of disease, and we move forward with a "normal" life. Ask my Mom what a "normal" life is...I don't think we know anymore.
I have faith, and am positive my Mom will be there at Liam's wedding, will watch her great grandson be born, and crotchet many more blankets. There is no doubt and there has never been a doubt, at least from me, that everything will be fine.

This was supposed to be one paragraph, quick synopsis, but that is impossible to do with the Minichs, Mom, Dad, our lives, what was, is and will come. I love you Mom, and I'll have Liam's son write you an article about you and how awesome his great grandma Nonna IS and how he can't wait to ride on the jet ski with her. You will have your lake house by that time. ;) Hopefully me too!
Love you,


Kaye Draper said...

You all have such amazing tenacity and faith! I have been through this once, with my father. I cannot even begin to imagine it over and over again. Your picture of your family are beautiful! Best wishes! <8

Happy Blogging!
Kaye Draper at Write Me

Christie Minich said...

Oh! Now that was a great letter! :)

Racn4acure said...

What a nice letter from your son. He sounds like a great guy. Art

Sherri Lackey said...

That was quite the touching letter! Thanks for sharing that!

Faith Laces said...

Wonderful and inspirational letter from your son! I'm not surprised at all by his faith and hope as he gets it honestly from his mother!


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