Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C~ Connections

A wonderful friend of mine comes to visit from out of town and help us out when she can. During her last visit we headed out to pick up a few Easter presents for my grand baby Liam.

As we walked into the children's clothing store this adorable little girl ran up to me with such excitement  in her eyes I thought for a moment she was one of my "Little Swimmers" that I teach each summer.

No, I did not recognize her. I said "Hi, how are you doing" and with her big brown eyes and her cowgirl hat on she replied "good"!  Just some small talk between us and she was off back to her mom.

Although I did not recognize her, she recognized something about me. My hat. She noticed that I was wearing a hat covering up my bald head....and so was she. I just didn't see it when we were talking. Not until she turned around, walked over to her mom and tried on another hat did I then understand the connection.

It made me wonder, did she want to talk some more, should I have acknowledged we were both fighting the same thing and we both had on our cute hats, making an uncomfortable situation fun and playful? (like a child's life should be). I'm not sure. Maybe just a smile and some small talk was all she wanted with someone she felt a connection with.

Either way, this little girl in her cowgirl hat made my day!


Susanne Svalefelt said...

Those little moments must be so precious! I can imagine it made that little girl's day too.

Faith Laces said...

Your posts just tug at my heartstrings.

Racn4acure said...

I'll never forget a little girl in Nashville when I was there to run the half marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She was bald and I noticed her when her mom said to her: "Look! There's one of the Leukemia Society people!" (I was wearing a TNT tee-shirt.) It made me sad to see a little kid battling cancer, but it also made me remember why I was putting my body through this. Moments like this, and yours with the little girl, seem small, but are actually huge!

Alana said...

I have a feeling she talks about what she is going through often enough that it felt magical to speak with someone going through the same thing without talking about "it."

Ditto to everything Faith Laces writes.

~Alana @
Cheering you on from A through Z!


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