Saturday, April 6, 2013

E is for~ Endurance Specialist

Several years ago I decided to follow my passion of combining health/ fitness and working with people all into one and became a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist. This led me to the world of endurance sports, which I absolutely love and have been planning to become certified as a "sports endurance specialist" as well.

Although I played some team sports when I was young I have always been drawn to endurance sports. The seeds were planted back in high school when I ran track and learned about  the "White Rock Marathon"! I knew then that I wanted to "Run The Rock". But, honestly didn't think I would. I did however think a triathlon was in reach for me as I love all three sports, swim/bike/run.
Just the word endurance motivates me! How much more, how much faster, how much better can I do if I push, if I endure? This helps me even now as I am enduring a very different kind of race.

I did get to Run The Rock at both a half and full marathon! The triathlon is still an event I would love to do. My doctor said "maybe this summer" .I'll take that as a yes!
I once wrote about how similar training for and running a marathon was to going through cancer. It still rings true to me.One taught me so much of how to handle the other.
I am now running those last 6-7 miles of a marathon with this long journey of chemotherapy. I am worn and getting a bit exhausted, but.....I can see the finish line ahead!
It seems I have become an "endurance specialist" after all.
A post I wrote 3/2/2010
Why do an endurance event or push yourself to your limits in anything? Just for fun? Just to see if you can? I think it builds and develops strengths you never knew you had and prepares you for other "events" in your life that may not be as much fun,or planned or expected.
By training, running and completing a marathon just a little more than 2 months ago I have found myself using those very same skills, strengths and strategies to get through this next "marathon" in my life called cancer.
In both;
you have to pace yourself
you have to be wise about what you eat and the timing of that food
you have to get rest and let your body recover
you have to get up each day and push through physically weather you feel like it or not
you have to get used to pain and learn how to ignore it
you learn how to focus and be in the "zone",overcoming the emotional struggles
you will have good days and bad days no matter what you do
you will celebrate those good days and accept the bad ones
you know that God can get you through anything
you will envision the finish line & the victory
you will celebrate!

Perhaps this is why we see so many survivors running or participating in endurance events. They have learned these skills in life already.


Racn4acure said...

Well said - but here is my view on a marathon vs chemo:

I am proud of you, running the Rock as a survivor. I take that as a yes, too, for doing that tri!

Debra said...

I'm still so inspired by you Elayne! I'm running my second half marathon this coming weekend in Vienna, Austria and am battling the mental game that goes with the distance (I can't even imagine a full marathon's mental fatigue) so when you say you are in the final stretch of the marathon that is chemo, my first thought is the mental fatigue you must be experiencing. Hang in there. I'm sending positive thoughts your way and know from reading your blog, you have the endurance, fortitude, perseverance to cross that finish line!!!


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