Monday, February 18, 2013


We are here, half way through chemotherapy! Nine down, and with prayer, faith and hope, only nine more to go. Today we celebrated that victory!
Lots of catching up so please bare with me as this post may be a bit lengthy.
   During this first half of treatment I feel God has given me a great peace and comfort in this time of "quietness, rest & reflection". Loneliness, isolation, boredom and fear are all too common while trying to rest and heal. All at a time when your body is being pushed to it's absolute limits.
Gratefully, with help, prayers and love I am getting through this, and even able to enjoy this time of "quietness".

Updates & Changes;
The initial tumour markers came back with very encouraging news. First two  tests are down significantly! Test one dropped from 104 to 63, test two from 347 to 77 and test three (circulating tumour cells) is at zero from 6... this one is in normal range! In two weeks markers will be tested again and we continue to pray for great news.

 After two muga scans and  meeting with my Oncologist, he has decided to stop the Herceptin after these tests have shown a significant drop making it too risky for my heart to continue. Iam no longer in normal range for this test and that was discouraging. I continue to receive the other two chemo's and  praying these treatments will continue to show positive results. Next muga scan is next week to make sure there is no more damage and hopefully some improvement. 

Great news on my current chest xrays. The pleural effusion is all but gone! A small amount is "trapped" in the lining but does not appear to be of concern. The chemo has worked on this issue! A PET scan soon will give us more info on how it's working in the other areas.

The side effects so far have been manageable. Occasionally  needing extra fluids and nausea meds which make me  feel better in just  a few hours, it's amazing!  Anemia, bone pain, bouts of depression  from the steroid's, a weakened immune system which led to catching the flu at our house for 2 very long, awful weeks :(It sounds bad, but all in all I feel I am doing well!

And....did you know your hair can grow back during chemo?? I didn't! My hair is growing back..little by little. Kind of a salt and pepper color with more salt than pepper :)

"Blest are the humble souls that wait with sweet submission to His will; Harmonious all their passions move, And in the midst of storms are still". ~ P Doddridg



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