Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not everyone is on FaceBook??

 Tonight I spoke with someone who is a very special person in my life. I was reminded that there are folks out there in bloggerland that may be awaiting my next post and an update. I am on Facebook and I admit those folks get the updates sooner. So, below I am "re-posting" the last 2 updates I wrote on FB on Oct.25 & 26.

It's not pink or pretty, it does not have a color, a ribbon or a balloon. Lets just all say what it REALLY does!! And yes, for the SIXTH time it is roaring it's ugly face! The pathology report showed positive for cancer cells in the fluid from the pleural effusion. Your allowed...say it with me.....
From Oct. 26th, I wrote this the next day.
Thank you everyone for joining my "pity party" yesterday with me :) I truly appreciate all of your kind words, encouragement and prayers. My blog many years ago began with the quote " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". This journey now brings me to the next step. Tuesday I will have a PET scan and meet with my Oncologist to discuss what's next. Your prayers for discernment and scan results are appreciated. Today is a new day!

I received so much encouragement, kindness and prayer support from so many people. I will leave those comments in the comment section as they are too special to leave out...
Thank you to my blogger friends and family for sticking with me as well. I promise to update sooner :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Liam and I enjoying the backyard fire :)
Hey all~
My doctor wants me to have the lung drain/biopsy tomorrow morning as I am starting to have "symptoms" from the pleural effusion.
It is scheduled for 9 AM tomorrow morning ( Monday). Last time they admitted me and ran a series of xrays over a 3 hour period of time following the procedure. I assume it will be the same tomorrow.

Yours prayers for 2morrow and the results are greatly appreciated...thanks! ♥ elayne & chris
For more information or questions you may have about what a pleural effusion is and the procedure ( thoracentesis) click on the link below.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It is late but I wanted to get this out before I go to bed. The test results show another pleural effusion on the right lung...I am honestly not sure if this is good news or not. The good news is; there was NOTHING found on my bone scan and NOTHING else on the CT. The not so good news is there is fluid on the lung again that is, at this point unexplained. I have to have another lung biopsy to drain the fluid and test it again. This is where we start. I truly appreciate your prayers, please keep them coming! So far, there is nothing concrete showing up and one of the 3 tumour markers is back in normal range. Will update soon as I know more. Thanks all~ ♥ elayne
                                       Pumpkins & Bubbles.....


Monday, October 15, 2012

What Tomorrow Holds

OK family & tumour markers have doubled AGAIN. My CEA is 412, should be <3. My BR2729 is 102, should also be <5 I think. This was not good news. All my other labs were "perfect" according to my Onc. nurse. Scans are tomorrow morning. PLEASE PRAY HARD. God is still in control and there is still amazing power in prayer.

You know that intense scene in a movie when someone is sitting in the doctors office waiting to hear the results from the testing they recently had for a cancer diagnosis?  Sometimes the answer comes as  pure relief and joy when they are told "no cancer" and then there are the times that show a person being told "you have cancer, or it has returned, or you have X amount of time". Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Panic...that's just the beginning.

My husband and I were just discussing that this popular climax that makes a movie, that scene that makes you hold your breath, cry, breath a sigh of relief; we are those people who live that scene over and over again. Every month, 3 months or 6 if we are lucky. It has become a difficult existence for both of us. 
Yes, we grow weary, get discouraged, wish things were different.

So, what do we do with all this? How do we live never knowing, always waiting, not knowing what our future holds? The same way we always have. With Faith, Family,& Friends to help us get through these kinds of days, weeks, months and years.

 I do not know why this is the life God has chosen for us and I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I  do know WHO holds tomorrow. And that is how we hold on.
Once again we find ourselves playing these roles we never signed up for and definitely do not know how this story is going to end. I continue to remind myself that this is God's plan, not mine and that I have to trust that.

So tomorrow I will get up and drink my two 16 oz.bottles of "banana smoothie" contrast over a period of two hours followed by more scans and more injections. My husband will be by my side as he always is and when I am alone during the scans, I close my eyes and pray...and I am never alone.


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