Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not everyone is on FaceBook??

 Tonight I spoke with someone who is a very special person in my life. I was reminded that there are folks out there in bloggerland that may be awaiting my next post and an update. I am on Facebook and I admit those folks get the updates sooner. So, below I am "re-posting" the last 2 updates I wrote on FB on Oct.25 & 26.

It's not pink or pretty, it does not have a color, a ribbon or a balloon. Lets just all say what it REALLY does!! And yes, for the SIXTH time it is roaring it's ugly face! The pathology report showed positive for cancer cells in the fluid from the pleural effusion. Your allowed...say it with me.....
From Oct. 26th, I wrote this the next day.
Thank you everyone for joining my "pity party" yesterday with me :) I truly appreciate all of your kind words, encouragement and prayers. My blog many years ago began with the quote " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". This journey now brings me to the next step. Tuesday I will have a PET scan and meet with my Oncologist to discuss what's next. Your prayers for discernment and scan results are appreciated. Today is a new day!

I received so much encouragement, kindness and prayer support from so many people. I will leave those comments in the comment section as they are too special to leave out...
Thank you to my blogger friends and family for sticking with me as well. I promise to update sooner :)


Anonymous said...

Angie Weeks CANCER SUCKS!!!

Mike Christie Minich Did you get news about your lung fluid?

Elayne Minich yes, it's positive

Shannon House Tilton Oh Elayne, I am so sorry.....YES, IT SUCKS BIG TIME!

Mike Christie Minich Oh no..... I'm really sorry. What is next for you as far as testing?

Kim Phillips It sucks !!

Brenna Dudley Oh elayne I am so sorry. I trust God but always have a hard time with this one - the disease of cancer, what people have to go through and even why. But just knowing that God has chosen you as His very own brings peace to my heart that even in the worst of life here on earth - He knows and He sees you, has given you and will continue to provide for you even now. Praying hard my friend! You are loved!

Julie Witsen CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie Ford CANCER SUCKS!!!! So, very sorry. I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

Amy O'Neill Hawk CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane Pfiester Morgan CANCER SUCKS BIG TIME!!! My prayers are being said at this very moment for you and your family and will continue every day and night. Please know you are loved.

Diane Heathcock I usually don't like to say the word but it's Suckie! Suckie Suckie! The above states your anger very well. You know what? I'M ANGRY TOO!!! For all that I know, I still have to ask why. God has used you over and over Elayne. I sure don't need to tell you that ~~ of all people. So many lives that you are not even aware of have been touched and inspired by your example. All of us that continue to read your FB entries and blog will continue to lift you high in our prayers as you take the next step.

Dianne Hayes Smith Elaine, I am so sorry to hear this news. You are so strong and such an inspiration to so many people. My prayers will continue to be with you. Love you.

Traci Davis We love you! You can do this! I just know you can keep your spirits high! Lifting you in prayer!

Emy Spaeth Storms Don't give up!! You are strong and Yahweh is stronger. I hate cancer too. Prayers are continuing.

Barbara Minich CANCER SUCKS! and we love you. Praying.

Simcha Layah Hoffman Uchchchch. :(:( . You must be so sick of being sick. And at the same time, you seem to be one of the healthiest people I know! It really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Jonna Wilson You can FIGHT IT Elayne! Much love and prayers for you! Stay strong!

Kevin Minich I still have my "Cancer Sucks" t-shirt! Maybe I'll make a new one that says "round 6" on it. You got this Mom. I love you... :):)

Michelle Rosenstein Lubin Oh, Elayne.... Yes, cancer definitely SUCKS. Is there anything at all that we can do for you guys? Sending numerous hugs and prayers.... Love you all....

Dawn Marie Demet As a fellow metastatic sister i know how you feel. im sorry and im praying.

Jeffrey Sherwin I know you can fight and beat this, hang tough Sis!

Cheryl Miller Konkle Thinking about you and praying for you and your awesome family!

Susan Beverly Rosenstein Elaine, we love you so much and just know that you and your strong will and faith will conquer this battle as well!! You are such an amazing inspiration for all and you and your family are loved very much!! Be strong!! Aunt Suzie and Uncle Burt

Tommy Weeks are strong and our Lord is will overcome this yet again. Please let us help you with anything you may need. Prayers and love!

Anonymous said...

Melissa Prasatik I'm so sorry to hear this. I want you to know that your strength and faith has been such a testimony to me and even more so now since my dad's cancer diagnosis this year; I think about your journey, quite often. You are so strong. I'll be praying for wisdom for the doctors and decisions for treatment and another amazing victory for you and God!

Ellen Baskin Fiesinger Prayers, love, hugs, whatever you need...

Nicole Harris we are thinking about you and definately praying for you! love you very much and are here whenever you need us.

Graham H. Branson I"m sorry to hear this, we'll pray for you.

Katherine Christian Thinking of and praying for you!!

Richard Minich I'll vouch for that.

Billy Donise Reed Whoop! Cancer does suck . . . however we are going to continue to pray for our strong friend who had kicked its butt time and time again! My money is always on you! Love you, Billy and Donise

Donna Smith King Oh Elayne! So very sorry to hear this news!!!! Cancer does suck!!! Love you and still praying!!!!

Bev O'Brien I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much with your cancer treatments. You are an amazing woman that is such a fighter! Love your profile pic!

Susan Wright-Worley Yeah, it sucks! But I'm not giving up on you! I'm never giving up on you. Love and prayers, Hon.

Anonymous said...

Diane Heathcock Have been thinking about you since I got up this morning. Years ago an aunt of mine would tell me that when I was thinking of someone, that meant that you were suppose to be praying for them. I was also thinking Elaine~that prayer reminds me of hands that carry us through so many trials and happy times. I look at your FB and see how many people are praying for you. ~~Think of how you're being carried through these difficult times.'s ok to have as many "pity parties" as you want, our prayers will carry you through them cause we want to celebrate the "good parties"!

Robin Myers Yes it is..... Everyday is a gift and you will have many more to come.... Cancer UG -

Mike Christie Minich Every day is a gift.... every moment of every day! You are our gift. Love you.

Dawn Marie Demet I'm praying your new journey brings you ease, good news and great quality of life.

Julie Witsen Wow u call that a putty party I call it sharing being honest n allowing us to care right back love u my friend just keep doing what u do because its perfect for u this is just a bump n nothing more

Kevin Minich Love you Mom...

Cheryl Miller Konkle My friend, you are such a strong woman in all kinds of ways (spiritually, physically, mentally)! You are an amazing example to me!! I am praying for you, and your family. I was reading the comments from your friends and loved ones from yesterday. I was touched by Billy & Donise's comment, and I am going to re-state it here because it is so true: "We are going to continue to pray for our strong friend who has kicked its butt time and time again! My money is always on you!"

Molly Rene Weeks Love you! You have tons of prayers from Houston! :):)

Heidi Asiaf You have taken a lot of steps and you will keep on taking more steps. You are a fighter, keep the faith.

Shannon House Tilton love you Elayne....and praying for you often. Stay strong my friend, God is going to carry you through this time as well :):)

Gwen Hambrick Praying and praying for you. Keep strong.

Kellie Myers-Raska Always in my thoughts and prayers. Your strength inspires many.

Janine Graves You are amazing Elayne. I'm praying for you. I wasn't on Facebook yesterday. You are such a blessing.

Richard Minich What can I say but God Bless you and keep you. Amen

Racn4acure said...

Hi Elayne - I am not on Facebook. Very saddened about your news, and you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that there is a good way forward. Cancer sucks! I am saying it with you. Art

Retired Knitter said...

Hi Elayne, I am not on Facebook either any more. Thanks for the update. Cancer Suck!

loverofwords said...

I am not on Facebook anymore, too vitriolic these election days! But, I wanted to tell you that anger is good--it gives you energy to fight Cancer. So I am with you in spirit as you fight the good fight.

Maryann said...

I am so sorry Elayne, I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

Better is Possible said...

I only know you from blogging, but you remain in my heart and mind. Praying for you. And yes cancer sucks...big time!!!!!!


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