Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Doc

Chris and I found this in a book called " Texas Medicine Men". Dr. John Adams is my oncologist and we think he's the best!!  He cares for his patients just as he says.This has been just one of the reasons we have chosen him as my oncologist.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Few More Miles!

After receiving the news we had all hoped and prayed for I now face another decision. To stop chemo at the recommended time of 18 treatments, OR, go a little further, do a little extra to chase this cancer as far away as possible!

There are good reasons to stop as well as to continue on. Neither have any statistics. Making this decision has been difficult to say the least. Physically, I do believe I can handle going a few more miles. Once I wrap my brain around that, I will need to prepare mentally/ emotionally for a longer treatment process. It has now been 7 months since the hospital/chemo began and I am so ready to be done!

I have sought opinions from my oncology team as well as friends in this field. I very much trust these people's opinions and know they will be honest with me.

Most of all Chris and I have committed this to prayer and feel completely at peace with the decision to keep going.

There were/are some key factors we  are looking for in helping with this decision.
1~ The scans came back clean, showing No Evidence Of Disease. Done and Praise God!
2~ Getting second opinions. Done!
3~ Tumor markers are all in normal range ( Tests are tomorrow, Monday) We are close, very, very close!
4~ One more consult with my Oncologist ( after test results).

I have scheduled my LAST three chemo treatments, taking me to 21total
and ending on our 29th wedding Anniversary! A big day!

With all that said, I am well aware that any and all of this can change. I am looking at it like when you are out there having a really good run and decide to go a few more miles past your intended run and to push a little more to get the best results possible....just because you can.


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