Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 21 ~ 10 years!

Today is my 10 year anniversary as a cancer survivor and coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my recurrence.

What if....

What if I never had cancer? My life would have been so much easier but I would not have been pushed and challenged in every way possible, to see what you are really made of and then realize you cannot do this alone.

What if, I never had to go through all these treatments and side effects? Then I would never have been able to understand what others are going through and be a friend in their time of need.

What if this happened when I was 84 instead of 34? Then I might not have cherished all the little moments watching my boys grow up and my time with my husband~ my best friend.

What if it didn't come back a second time? I would not have had the courage to do so many things and make so many changes.

What if I didn't have to face the unknown? Then I might be worrying about the future and not seeing each day for what it is ~

What if this happened to someone else instead of me? That is harder to endure.

What if I had the choice? Then I may not have realized that my life is not my own and I am not in control.

What if I didn't believe in prayer? Then I would not be able to see the power of it.

What if I didn't have comfort, peace, trust, love, strength? Then I would not have had Christ.



Anonymous said...

Wow! You inspire me!!! I am so grateful I know you! I am so thankful you are a fighter so that the world is blessed with you and your life song for years to come. You are extraordinary!
-Amy Hawk

Oakie Grandfather said...


The Noelles said...
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Mike and Christie said...

What a Beautiful Post Elayne! :)

CLM said...

That was powerful. Thank you.

Elayne said...

Congratulations on your anniversary as a survivor!

LY Carla

Nikki said...

I love you, Mom. That was beautiful and so are you :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What can I say, your words are wisdom for us all. Its so easy to take life for granted and before you know it your kids are grown. My walk with Christ has been strengthened lately and its funny how God is using people like you to keep it fresh in my mind. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in September. Barb

Anonymous said...

Each day is surely a gift. Isn't it amazing that the more we need Him, the stronger we grow? Its been such a joy to watch you grow in Him.
Love, Diane

What's Going On... said...

Wow! (I've been behind in reading!) That really makes me think. Thanks for putting it in words for those of us who just forget sometimes what life is all about!


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