Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dosage back up for blood pressure

I tried taking the half dosage for the BP med. for 3 days and my BP went up immediately. I felt all those feelings coming back again when it was too high. Called Friday to ask my doctor if I can raise it back up and expect to hear from them tomorrow. In the meantime I went back to the original dosage and my BP is back to normal.

I have been having a lot of pain in my back lately but it does seem to be easing up. Chris and I notice that when we have rain or storms coming it will hurt and also when I am stressed and there is a lot of tension in the muscles. Please continue to pray that this pain will go away completely. My last tests did not show any areas of concern and actually showed healing in the rib and spine. So... hopefully it is something else. I ran the last two days and that also seems to help. I think I am out of alignment :)

Also, my certification exam is this Wednesday. I have been studying very hard for it and ask for prayer that my comprehension, retention and memory will be very strong this week as I am going to need all of them :) This has been difficult to do given the last year and half and the different medications I am on. Please pray that I will do well.

We have had a quiet weekend, both Chris and I have been studying ( Chris for his professional engineer cert.) and take breaks to watch the Olympics! Go USA!!
Have a good week, thanks for checking the blogs and for all your support ~ Elayne


CLM said...

You are in my prayers both for healing and for good test results. Love ya!

- Cindy

Elayne said...

Dear Elayne,
Our prayers are always with you, Elayne!! We love you and pray for you to be pain free.
Good luck on both your exams,however, we just know that you will do well.
Love to all,
Aunt Suzie and Uncle Burt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elayne said...

I am praying for you Elayne!!! I know you will do well on your exam!! I expect your success and your healing!!

Love you,

Amy Hawk

Elayne said...

Hi Elayne!

How are you doing? I know you must be feeling anxious right now - I have been keeping up to date with the blogs and am really praying that your certification exam goes well tomorrow! You are so passionate about fitness and nutrition and have so much to give - I know you'll do great!


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