Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our first place 10k race :)

This morning Chris and I ran in the Lake Cities  Spirit of Christmas run. We participated in the 10k  ( 6.2 miles) race. The run was all along the lake and quite nice.Weather was humid as we have had storms all day but were fortunate enough to get the run in before they hit.
This event was a small community race to raise money and toys for local families for Christmas.
Receiving my 1rst place medal
Chris receiving his first place medal
Chris and I both placed first in our age divisions which was not hard to do given most people were younger than us :) But.... race completed and we are happy with our first place medals.
Chris had a good race, I have had better :) We have noticed I am having so much trouble with fatigue ever since the last rounds of radiation which ended the end of May. It is showing up everywhere, including my running.

Chris keeps reminding me it has not been that long but it is difficult when you can't do what you used to be able to do.Time...time..time.
Chris crossing the finish line
 There were several members from our church there and all first place winners! Yay for FBC!!
FBC Corinth Runners!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I came across this on Facebook from the Lance Armstrong foundation. With this being October and breast cancer awareness month I do find myself at times feeling conflicted over the "pink" advertising you see everywhere.
On one side of things,the awareness and support is wonderful. If the proceeds are truly going towards breast cancer research and helping survivors and their families it is a great thing.
I myself support research, raise money and participate in events all the time through organizations like Komen, American Cancer Society, Team In Training and Livestrong. The money raised, research, help and support to patients and their families is invaluable.I guess the conflict for me is feeling it has become commercialized. Breast cancer is neither pretty or pink. The picture above is the absolute reality of breast cancer.To many the pink is a sign of hope and support, it can also be a label that none of us ever  wanted and a constant reminder everyday of what we have been through and what we still live with.
I knew I had been feeling conflicted about this lately so one day I decided to see what would happen when we went to a restaurant with a large group of people that  was all decorated with pink balloons, hats, shirts, ribbons, etc. I wondered if they truly supported the "cause" they were displaying everywhere.I asked if there was anything special they did for breast cancer survivors.  He asked me if I was a survivor and I told him yes, of 12 years. After dinner, he and the manager brought out a huge desert with several spoons for me and our table to share. And share we did, passing it around the table 2 times before we  were all too full to finish it. My wonderful family and friends sang "Happy Survivor Day" showing their support as they always do. Kudos to On The Border!
As the title indicates "Conflicted"....on this one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You have a brain!!

Yes, this is how I get my test results (which I love having such a good & fun relationship with my oncology team :) I do have a brain and it is alone with only the parts and pieces that should be there.So, YES my test results are fine!
Thank you everyone, once again, for your prayers and support. Now to find out why I am having these migraines??
After talking with my nurse here is what we plan to do;
I will begin keeping a journal to see if there are patterns ( foods, weather, stress,etc).
I will have another faslodex injection on the 25th. At that time they will give me some stronger pain meds in case the headaches return due to the faslodex and we will see if there is a connection to the drug.
As of this morning I do not have a headache ( yay) and hope it has passed. If the migraines return before the 25th, I will call the doctor again.
That is about it for now~ thanks everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling better today

only a slight headache this morning, getting ready to leave for the MRI. My son Kevin is going with me and then we will go out for lunch :)

Me and Kevin having fun at the lake


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update and MRI tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be having an MRI of the brain due to migraine headaches I have been having for the past 3 weeks. They are definitely causing a problem in my day to day activities and Dr. A wants me to have the MRI done to make sure there is nothing going on.I have had 2 of these done in the past and do fine with the test itself.
Would appreciate prayers that this test result comes back with no problems.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


To all cancer survivors, their families, friends, doctors and support teams "Happy LIVESTRONG DAY"! Thank you ALL for helping me to "LIVESTRONG"!

If you celebrated LiveSrong day and have pictures I can add to this post please e-mail them to me...thanks!


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