Friday, December 21, 2012

What's all the buzz??

On Wednesday night I noticed little fine hairs falling in the sink as I got ready for bed. On Thursday morning I could pull fingerfuls of hair out.

This is when I decided it was time to buzz my hair!
When I lost my hair the first time, I hung on to every little scraggle until my husband shaved me bald. Being able to pull my hair out is harder to deal with than just buzzing it, so that's what we did!
When I say we, I  mean are all my family and friends' who have "buzzed along with me"!
What's the Buzz? These are some pretty awesome...brave folks!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the Season...and all the changes

My dearest friend Donise  spent the last two weeks taking care of me and my family. She has done everything from cooking & cleaning to putting up my Christmas decorations and helping our son Matt pack up for his move. She made sure I got my fluids and protein each day and so much more! Great friends are such a blessing and I don't know what we would have done without her these past weeks. But....I guess I have to give her back to her family now :( We can't thank Donise and her family enough! Today my friend headed home and my son moved out.... a tough day.
Tonight Chris and I came home as official "Empty Nester's". No little dog barking at the door, no guitar's playing from upstairs...just quiet...and kind of strange.  
All the changes this Christmas have been bittersweet. So happy for all the blessings in my life and my families and friends lives. While at the same time struggling with so many losses;my health,teaching my fitness group, having my special Nonna day with  my grandson, running with my husband, and soon even my hair.
So, as I enjoy the big and little things of this beautiful season, I also realize that some days we might, like my little grand baby boy...well, just feel like kicking Santa!   .................. Tis the season................ :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Today I am sitting in the infusion center as I write this receiving my second dose of chemo. Not the usual place I write from but I have six hours to keep myself occupied, so this may be when I update over the next months.

Week one went well in comparison to when I had chemo 14 years ago. After several days of very high fevers I began to feel better. I was not brave enough to go completely off the nausea meds until Saturday.

Saturday night I ventured out for a walk with my hubby and dear friend Donise to look at Christmas lights. It felt wonderful to be outdoors but I was still a little shaky on my feet.

By Sunday I felt great! Chris and I watched the Dallas Marathon on TV and reminisced about the White Rock marathon we ran in 2009. I guess that must have motivated us as we decided to go for a walk. Now, between the hospital and IV treatments in Nov. and chemo now in Dec. I have barley been out of the house or hospital. So, when Chris asked if I was up to a 3 mile walk I said " I can try". Much to both of our surprise, I decided I wanted to try to run a little and I did! Twice! It felt so good, freeing and "normal".
I hope and pray I am able to continue "Running to Recovery" during this stage of my journey.

Friday, December 7, 2012


When the decision was made to go through chemo again, I knew right away I would not be wearing a wig this time. I had one last time and it was so uncomfortable, hot, itchy...and just not me.

I found a website that sells hats for people who loose their hair due to chemo and other reasons. I liked that the founder was a woman who also went through chemo, lost her hair and understood the need for comfortable, stylish hats and head coverings.

My daughter in-law signed me up for the gift registry, I chose a bunch of hats trying to think of all the different needs I will have. They range from casual, exercise, sleep, dressy, warm for the colder weather, to some recently added cooler caps for Spring... and just cute. I chose different colors and styles.

To my surprise I came home one day and there were hats...many hats, waiting for me. The post man had to put them in a postal bin to hold them all!

One by one Chris and I opened them up and read the sweet notes each person enclosed. We are so appreciative for each and every hat, bringing a little fun during a time that will be difficult.

I asked my Onc. nurse how many days before I will loose my hair. She said 17 days. Chemo began Monday, so my hats will be getting plenty of use very soon.The anticipation of it starting to fall out is becoming more real each day now. Thank you everyone who sent me one of these awesome hats!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back in the chair again....

Monday began my chemo treatments and as of today things are going much better than they did 14 years ago. It took 6 hours to administer all the medications, but I had my hubby, close friend and great nurses with me. I felt very safe and comfortable but could not believe I was back in that chair again!
As you can see the beautiful blue blanket Sera crocheted for me to take to my treatments was used well that day!
Taking into consideration my first experience with chemo, my medical team is taking all precautions with me. The meds used for nausea are working this time and I went back in on Tuesday and Wednesday for IV fluids/nausea meds.
The only problems I have faced so far have been fevers that are spiking very high with no explanations. They had me come back up for blood work and a chest xray, so far they are all fine. Otherwise, expected side effects have begun.
A Muga scan has also been done to keep an eye on the function of my heart since one of the meds ( Hercepton) can cause problems. It did show a drop from the previous test but still in normal range...a bit concerned on that one.
Friends and family have been bringing meals for us to freeze. This has been a lifesaver considering I have spent hours each day at the hospital. I did add a tab at the top of this blog "Vegetarian meals" to help with recipes and ideas for anyone that has asked to help us with meals.
I am so thankful and happy to have Donise here with us :) Besides her company she is taking good care of me and my family :) 

Thanks all for your thoughts, prayers, meals, gifts and more. We are loved and blessed by many :)


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