Friday, December 7, 2012


When the decision was made to go through chemo again, I knew right away I would not be wearing a wig this time. I had one last time and it was so uncomfortable, hot, itchy...and just not me.

I found a website that sells hats for people who loose their hair due to chemo and other reasons. I liked that the founder was a woman who also went through chemo, lost her hair and understood the need for comfortable, stylish hats and head coverings.

My daughter in-law signed me up for the gift registry, I chose a bunch of hats trying to think of all the different needs I will have. They range from casual, exercise, sleep, dressy, warm for the colder weather, to some recently added cooler caps for Spring... and just cute. I chose different colors and styles.

To my surprise I came home one day and there were hats...many hats, waiting for me. The post man had to put them in a postal bin to hold them all!

One by one Chris and I opened them up and read the sweet notes each person enclosed. We are so appreciative for each and every hat, bringing a little fun during a time that will be difficult.

I asked my Onc. nurse how many days before I will loose my hair. She said 17 days. Chemo began Monday, so my hats will be getting plenty of use very soon.The anticipation of it starting to fall out is becoming more real each day now. Thank you everyone who sent me one of these awesome hats!


Racn4acure said...

That is a really nice story, Elayne. Art

Christie Minich said...

That is so nice! I hope you take pictures of each hat!


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