Monday, December 10, 2012

Today I am sitting in the infusion center as I write this receiving my second dose of chemo. Not the usual place I write from but I have six hours to keep myself occupied, so this may be when I update over the next months.

Week one went well in comparison to when I had chemo 14 years ago. After several days of very high fevers I began to feel better. I was not brave enough to go completely off the nausea meds until Saturday.

Saturday night I ventured out for a walk with my hubby and dear friend Donise to look at Christmas lights. It felt wonderful to be outdoors but I was still a little shaky on my feet.

By Sunday I felt great! Chris and I watched the Dallas Marathon on TV and reminisced about the White Rock marathon we ran in 2009. I guess that must have motivated us as we decided to go for a walk. Now, between the hospital and IV treatments in Nov. and chemo now in Dec. I have barley been out of the house or hospital. So, when Chris asked if I was up to a 3 mile walk I said " I can try". Much to both of our surprise, I decided I wanted to try to run a little and I did! Twice! It felt so good, freeing and "normal".
I hope and pray I am able to continue "Running to Recovery" during this stage of my journey.


AZBabs said...

Again, you amaze and inspire me. Tonight dave and I will walk and maybe even run a little. :)
Love you.

Anonymous said...

You amaze and inspire me. Dave and I will go for a walk tonight and maybe run a couple of times. We love you. :)

AZ Barb

Racn4acure said...

Anything you can do any day, the smallest thing, that feels normal will do wonders. Stay strong. Art


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