Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years 21 mile Bike Ride~

Today we did one of our favorite things. It is a 21 mile trail ride on our mountain bikes. The weather was perfect! We started riding this trail many years ago and I noticed today how easy it has become since we have started running. I used to struggle to make it to the 6 mile stop point and by mile 21 I was hobbling to the car. Thankfully we are past that part now :)

We like to go at all different times of the year as the beauty of the landscape is so different depending on the time of year. Texas, for the most part is ugly in the winter but out here there is a natural beauty that I love.
We always see different animals and wildlife. No snakes this time :) I did, however almost run over an armadillo. There was a large group of people out riding their horses today and we rode past bunch of cows.

We always enjoy seeing so many people out, riding bikes, horses, running, hiking, kayaking etc. We even ran in to a few we knew, including the headmaster and his wife ( the boys former English teacher) from high school. We rode the last 2 miles in with them and enjoyed visiting.

This stop was very cool. We parked our bikes and walked down to the creek where there was an old bridge, or what is left of it. It is the bridge that Bonnie and Clyde escaped on after robbing the Pilot Point bank~ as the story goes. All these years and we have just whizzed by on our bikes never knowing it was even there.

Famous Bonnie & Clyde bridge

This is a not so famous bridge but a pretty part of the ride.

We had a great time and a great start to a new year! I hope you all had a great day today too and pray for a safe and healthy 2009.


Racn4acure said...

Happy New Year, Elayne. I hope 2009 is good for you. It looks like a great bike ride! Thanks for sharing. Art

Rick Ankrum said...

Nice pictures. What part of Texas? Is the old bridge part of a trail?
Rick Ankrum

Nikki Almost-Minich said...

Haha! I remember the story about the snake--that was funny!
I miss you! I feel like I haven't seen you or dad for so long!
Love you guys! :)

Matthew said...

I especially loved the part where I was called in the morning on new years day hearing "Matt we need the van now!" haha. Only MY crazy parents would do such a thing.

Elayne said...

Hi Rick~ the trail is in Denton, Tx. The Greenbelt Corridor. Located by Lake Ray Roberts.

The old bridge is about 10-20 yards off the trail. Very easy to get to.

Checked out your website~ great info!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all of you! Have enjoyed your site so much. Elayne, I knew I had seen that bridge somewhere before. Mom & I drove passed it the other day. Looks like you both had a great time. Also, looks like you two are staying young. Hope we can get together sometime. Love to all of you. Diane & Gene


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