Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A long day~

The tests for today are over. It was a long day and I am glad to be home :) I don't have any results yet but want to thank all of you that are thinking about and praying for me/us. I wanted to share something that happened today because I believe there is so much power in prayer and I love to share these experiences when we see God working in big or small ways.
When I arrived at the hospital, they put an IV in my arm for all the injections for the tests. In the past we have had a lot of trouble with my left arm getting the IV in because of so much scar tissue having formed from all the needle "sticks".
So, we began using the right arm which we were unable to use for many years since 13 lymph nodes have been removed. Usually it goes pretty well but not today :( The IV was started and the injection successfully put in for the bone scan. Then I went to have the CT.
Something was telling me that something was wrong. I felt strongly that I needed to tell the person getting ready to load me up with the CT injection that I felt she needed to check the IV. Sure enough it was not working properly, there was a kink in it. It would not have been fun for that stuff to go into my arm instead of the vein. She looked up and said "Oh, Thank you".
After getting Deb ( the one that puts the IV in) and 4 sticks, 1 IV line popping out and 3 "blown" veins later we were good to go!
We always pray for protection, wisdom & discernment, as well as for my doctors, nurses and technicians. Today, we once again saw the answers to prayer .So, thank you all for praying today, please continue to pray as we await the test results over the next few days.
Now, it's time for Advil and my Dead Sea salt bath :)
Goodnight all~


CLM said...

Thank you so much for sharing all this. You are so in my prayers. I admire how strong you are Elayne and how you rely so much on God. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elayne,
We are praying for you and if we can do anything to help in any way,please let us know.
You are constantly in our thoughts and will be anxious to hear a good report from you!!
Lots of Love,
Aunt Suzie and Uncle Burt xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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