Sunday, November 20, 2011


Finally received the "official" report from my CT scan. I am, once again dancing with Mr. NED....NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Next test will be a PET scan in December.
 Thank you to all my friends and family. Please watch and know how important all of you are to me. Especially the # 1 person fighting this with hubby Chris ♥ My thanks and ♥ to all of you!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swept off my feet...

Yes, a little guy named Liam has swept me off my feet! I am having a blast being his Nonna and spending one day a week with him. He is now 6 weeks old and has kept us all on our toes.
While Chris and I were away on our Fall camping trip, Liam had to have an unexpected surgery for pyloric stenosis.
"In his Daddy's arms"
 My daughter in law and son caught it early, he spent 2 nights in the hospital and was home in time for his first trick or treat :) He saw his surgeon today and is doing great! Besides an ear infection, all is well. His name means "Strong-Willed Warrior" and has been very fitting, he has been so strong through this.
The highlight of my week has become "Nonna Day"! My house has baby "stuff" in it once again and I bought diapers for the first time in 20 years! Last week Nikki brought the jogging stroller over saying "it will get more use here". I can't wait to take him for our first run together!  Just love my time with Little Liam and being able to enjoy this part of my life as a grandparent!


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