Recommended Books

  • Crazy,Sexy,Cancer Tips, by Kris Carr
  • Lance Armstrong, It's not about the bike,my journey back to life
  • SPARK~the revolutionary new science of exercise & the brain
  • Swimming to Antarctica by Lynn Cox
  • The Anti-Estrogenic Diet by Ori Hofmekler
  • The Bible
  • The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet,updated version
  • The Good Fight, by Donna Hicken
  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • The Magic of Goals by Ronald l Reynolds
  • The Rhythm Of Life by Matthew Kelly
  • Cooking Light~ Way to Cook Vegetarian
  • COMPLICATIONS- A surgeons Notes on an imperfect science by Atul Gawande
Current Book I Am Reading; At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks


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