Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pistols & Pedi's

A couple of my new favorite's! In following along with trying new experiences, hobbies and even a little pampering, these two are as different from each other as they can be.

I never had manicures or pedicures till my 40's. Same with massage. These luxuries felt way out of my realm. Now they have become a part of healing and therapy. A way to relax and enjoy something that helps the body feel better instead of worse. These visits are still not often but very helpful when I do indulge!

As a child I absolutely loved archery. Took lessons every summer at camp. Due to my surgeries and injuries I am not sure I can handle the bow anymore. However, learning to shoot sounded like a blast...and it is! This is a new sport/ hobby that I am learning and can do. Trying different guns, targets and ranges has been very exciting! I could shoot all day! My experience as a kid with archery seemed to help as I hit the  bullseye on my first shots! Last week I tried shooting one handed, it was easy. Can't wait to try more.

As much as I miss some of my other passions, it is a new challenge to try all the new possibilities out there. Do you have a new passion, something you are learning? Please share.

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