Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Biopsy this Thursday

Hi all~ I will be having another biopsy this Thursday at 9 am. There is an area in the muscle located in the chest wall, measuring 1.5 cm that has shown up on the recent MRI.
The biopsy will be done in office by my oncologist. The biggest risk I can see as of now is hitting or collapsing a lung during the procedure. The area of concern is located in a difficult and unusual place. If my doctor cannot get to the area I will probably have to have surgery to get to it.
Chris is going to be allowed to be in the room with me, so that makes me feel better.
We are praying for a steady hand and mind for Dr. A, that the area is reached and the needed cells are removed, that there are no complications during or after the biopsy and finally that it is not cancer. We would love to have all of your continued prayer support in this.
Thanks~ Elayne & Chris


What's Going On... said...

Definately will be praying! Is there numbing for that?! Sounds painful! : (

Elayne said...

Thanks Jonna! They will give me a local. Really praying it won't be too painful.

Anonymous said...

Nikki Weeks Minich
We love you, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Cindy L Minich
Praying for the absolute best outcome!

from Facebook

Anonymous said...

Angelica Weeks
Prayers from the Weeks'

From FB

Anonymous said...

Shannon House Tilton
Will be praying Elayne!

from Facebook post

Anonymous said...

Do you even have to ask?????
Love, Diane

Racn4acure said...

Elayne - wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you this morning and saying a little prayer that all that you ask for comes to pass. When I had my biopsy in 2002 it was inside my chest and the big tumor was right next the aorta. I remember praying that the surgeon had a steady hand and a good night of sleep! :) And apparently he did, cause I am still here. Art

Elayne said...

Thanks all~ and Art, I sure am glad for your surgeon and that you are still here!


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