Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MRI Results, new medication and what's next...

I received an e-mail from the oncology office that said my MRI ( of my lower back) was fine. I really was not too concerned about this.Figured it was just from all the training and running. It has been feeling better, so hopefully it will continue to go in that direction. I am still running, just not at the high mileage that I was doing in training.This was good news!

I began a new medication last night, have had 2 doses so far. This medication is a part of my treatment which involves hormone therapy. I am now taking Arimidex which is used to block the hormone estrogen. We are hoping and praying that this treatment will be effective and that I will be able to tolerate the side effects.I was going to have an injection of Faslodex until the nurse reminded me that I have already tried that drug and had too many side effects, so it was stopped. Glad someone remembered, because I actually had to go home and read my blog to see that yes, I had taken that and yes, it was stopped due to side effects.

Next step; I see a surgeon on Tuesday to discuss removing the area in the muscle for a biopsy. I can feel this area now and it seems to have some swelling as well. We are praying that the surgeon will feel he can get to the area without removing the muscle and that we will have an answer as to what is going on. We are hopeful and prayerful that it will be something other than
cancer. We ask that you will join us in prayer over these next weeks.
Thanks all~

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Racn4acure said...

That is good news on the back. Take it easy. Hoping for a good outcome with the surgery.


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