Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Dr. visit

It has been a long day today, filled with a lot of information.I spent an hour and a half with my doctor who really takes such good care of me:) I went in with a list of questions, handed them to him and he answered them all one by one. To summarize here is where we are going from here.

I am scheduled to meet with a surgeon on Feb. 2nd. Tomorrow, I will be bringing my lab reports and films over to his office so he can look them over before I see him.
What we hope to happen is that he can remove most or all of this area without having to remove part or all of the muscle.He will have to look at the films and most likely talk with my oncologist before I know what this surgery will entail.

At this point this is not characteristic of breast cancer, however cancer can go anywhere and this has to be removed and biopsied to know for sure.It is possible that this may be a Hematoma: An abnormal localized collection of blood in which the blood is usually clotted or partially clotted and is usually situated within an organ or a soft tissue space, such as within a muscle. This, of course is what we are hoping and praying for. In the case of a hematoma, nothing would be done, the body will absorb it.Because the first biopsy showed blood and debris that may be an indication of a hematoma.

A few other changes; I will be having an MRI early next week on my lower back which has been in constant pain since the marathon. Most likely an injury, but again, it needs to be checked.

Also, I will begin a new therapy with the drug Faslodex, which is used for metastatic breast cancer after Tamoxifen no longer works to help block estrogen, which is my situation. This will be a shot once a month.

Lots going on right now and we continue to lift this up in prayer and know that God is in control
Thank you all so much for your prayers :)


What's Going On... said...

Awww! : ( I'm so sorry you've been in pain! You are always so positive and encouraging to me!! Of course I will continue to pray for you. So thankful for you and that God is in control! : )

CLM said...

In my prayers. Stay strong. God is in control.

Anonymous said...

On it!

Love Diane

Racn4acure said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, Elayne. Hang in there. Glad you have good doctors. Art


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