Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Glasses

Well, I put it off as long as possible but the time has come for full time glasses.It is taking some getting used to but I can sure see much better. I tend to get a lot of headaches and hope this will help alleviate some of them.The eye doctor said when someone goes through chemo and all the other treatments and medications I have had to take their eyes are usually affected quite a bit. She said overall mine looked good all things considered. So, that was good news.


Anonymous said...

Welcome ...... Your eyes progress with age....... most doctors can determine how old you are but the way your eyes progress.....

Usually you notice your eyes change at about 40 years and then they settle down around 50-55...

Isn't this fun!

I am praying for you@@@!!!! Take your time and I too would not just go ahead....wait till you have a conclusive ?

Is it palapable?

Or is it small that it only shows up on exray?

CLM said...

You look lovely! It was great talking with you the other day.

Elayne said...

Anonymous~ I can not feel it, but when my onc. did the biopsy I think he felt it and it was sensitive.
It actually showed up first on a PET scan and then an MRI, it is 1.5 cm.
Thank you for your prayers!

Thanks Cindy!! Miss you

Anonymous said...

Hello Elayne,
I think you have the same glasses I am now wearing on my face! Just shows we have great taste. Have been keeping up with all of your blogs. So much happening in our lives right now, but never so busy as not to be able to pray for a precious friend. I know you'll keep looking up.
Love, Diane

Anonymous said...

Just read the comment from Ellen. Now we know three people with great taste!!



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