Friday, December 31, 2010

2010~ A Year in Review

It is the last day of 2010 with only a few hours left till a New Year begins. As I have looked back over the past year I am overwhelmed by how much has happened in just 12 months. Some very good and some very difficult. I am thankful for the year that God has given me.
2010 in Review~

1) We were fortunate to take 3 trips~ Chris and I spent New Years at Lake Murray. We like to get a cabin, hike and plan for the New Year.
A camping trip with Matt, Kevin and Nikki over spring break. Started out with warm weather in shorts, woke up the next day to 6 inches of snow. Just one of the unexpected snow falls last year!
Our "trip of a lifetime" to Europe! We visited Prague, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Holland and England. What a great experience!

2) This was a more difficult year for me health wise.I had my 3rd diagnosis with cancer.It had spread to the pectoral muscle and a scare of uterine cancer, resulting in 3 more biopsy's, 2 more surgeries, 25 more radiation treatments, several new medications and lots of side effects. I finally gave in when I could no longer read and have glasses I need to wear nearly full time

3)We sadly and tragically lost two more very special family  members. Chris's mom, Lois and our nephew Joey.

4)During radiation treatments my son Kevin ran a half marathon for me! I can't say I did not consider doing it with him but I stuck with some smaller races this year.Chris and I both placed first( in our age divisions:) in a small, local 10k. I had always wanted to organize a race, so on Thanksgiving along with 17 others we ran our first Annual Minich 5k Turkey Trot!
A few other Mountains we climbed... well literally, we climbed  MT. Brandon, the 2nd highest mountain( 2775 ft.) in Ireland.Hiked Sir Arthur's seat, which overlooks beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. And took a beautiful 26 mile bike ride from Brugge, Belgium to Holland.  

5) A few special events/ celebrations.Went to my first Komen Brunch for survivors with my great friend and sister survivor, Natasha. While at the brunch I won 8 tickets to the Texas Rangers game which is how our family and the Weeks family spent Mothers day!Our daughter-in-law Nikki, was the graduate this year from UTD Suma Cum Lade! And finally, just last week we celebrated my dad's  75th BDay with a huge surprise party!
6) Our son Tim  moved back home from Prague, engaged to our newest daughter-in-law to be Stephanie. She is from England where her family lives and she has recently moved to Texas. Another wonderful family addition, we are so happy she is here.
7) Around the house~ I decided to get some help this year and am so very thankful for Maria who comes every 2 weeks. Yay!
My garden was a bust and I don't know if I will continue it this spring/summer. We are working on some remodeling with the addition of wood floors ( currently being installed by Chris) and a new tile entry way which is done!

8)By having some help with the house I am able to continue training and teaching my 5k run groups,Ladies boot camps, swim lessons,and personal training. This year was a full and rewarding year getting to work with so many wonderful people and families!

9) A wonderful Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas with our kids, family and friends. Always reminded how special everyone and the time together is.

10) And lastly, my personal victories for 2010. Celebrated my 12 year cancerversary, 46th Birthday and 26th wedding anniversary!

I enter 2011 with cautious optimism.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
"hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something; a tendency to take a favorable or hopeful view."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Every time I think it can't get any better, it somehow does...

Before Christmas I wrote "All wrapped up".It was a difficult time and quite honestly I was really feeling estranged from everything. And then Christmas came with all the joy, wonder and excitement that always comes with this special time of year.
As Chris and I were all bundled up walking Ryo one night I said " every time I think it can't get any better, it somehow does". He asked me what I meant by that. Well, last year we had our very first white Christmas and although it was still a difficult year, there was just something about the "first white Christmas" that made it so very special.
With how I was feeling this year I never thought it could be better than last year. Once again, God reminds me to trust Him and He is bigger than anything I can possibly imagine.
The day before Christmas Eve I spent with my son Matt,shopping for presents, eating out for lunch and ending the day with a peppermint latte' from Starbucks. Everyone was home from work on Christmas Eve day and little by little the kids started trickling in. Tim and Stephanie were the first to arrive and we were all so happy they were "home" this year.
Little did I know as I braved Wal Mart on Christmas eve I would run in to my son Kevin who was there getting supplies to make his special person gift...which happened to be me :) He made me a beautiful keepsake box that reminds us both of the beach. I love it! He helped me with the shopping and then we went out for lunch. I made a huge pot of minestrone soup followed by baking cookies with my newest daughter-in-law to be, Stephanie. Our son Tim once again got his "mulled wine"going in the crock pot.
Chris and I along with our 5 kids headed off to the Christmas eve service where it was so nice to see everyone and be surrounded by my family. A last minute invite to join us at our house led to a house full of family, friends & laughter, with 10 unexpected guests! What a wonderful time we all had and I was very glad I had made all that soup!
As we do every Christmas eve we exchange our "special person" gift. This year I picked my daughter Nikki and had a great time putting together a photo scrapbook for her. Scouring through Facebook and blogs to find highlights from her year.After a long night, all the stockings were hung by the chimney with care... and the rest of us headed off to bed.
Christmas morning with adult children means a later morning for all to sleep. Little by little everyone woke up to the smell of sourdough bread in the bread maker and fresh coffee...ahhh. Then it was time to exchange gifts. We open presents one at a time so everyone shares in the joy of giving a gift. Stephanie's mum sent her some special gifts from England to remind her of home. It was very sweet.
All these special little moments made this one of the best Christmas' yet. I was able to enjoy everyone all at once and special moments with each of them. God knew exactly what I needed and I am so very thankful for Him.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

All wrapped up for Christmas

I am lying in bed with my head buried in the pillow, blankets over my head and my finger blocking the sound of the song "One Last Christmas" playing on the radio from the other room. For so many of us the holiday's are  a time of struggle. Whether we have lost ones we love and are going through Christmas without them or we fear the very words that are sung in this song. Perhaps these songs bring comfort for some, but for me it is a time I have to turn the radio off, or, if I don't want to get up, block my ears :)

This time of year brings so many emotions all wrapped up at the same time.I can't wait to get out the decorations &lights. Pick out the perfect tree that "has to be taller than our kids".Play Christmas music without everyone telling me "it's too early"!Oh how I look forward to the celebration of the season and then it hits me... I find myself struggling with sadness and fear, wondering... what if? Scared for me, scared for my family. I try to remind myself that I go through this every year but somehow it just doesn't help.

So... what is one to do with all these feelings at the same time? I am trying to focus on the JOY of celebrating the birth of Christ and the special time with family and friends and the PEACE of knowing we have a loving, all knowing God that knows the plans He has for us.
When I find myself straddling this fence I work hard to stay positive through
 Prayer, He knows our fears and how to help us with them.

It is a great time to focus on giving to others. This always brings Joy.
We have talked about  making some changes that may help make this time of year a bit easier.Nothing big, just some small changes.Well, this is about the 6th time I have tried to write and finish this as I find this a difficult topic but yet one I am sure many understand. Tonight Chris and I both were having a tough day so we dragged ourselves up and out the door to run. Four miles later and we both feel a lot better...always does the trick!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


"Dream with me.... what would you like to do with your running if you could take it to the next level"?
"I would like to start with local runs, like 5 and 10k's and grow it from there. Maybe into a foundation one day".
Dream it...and then do it.... 


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