Thursday, July 15, 2010

OK, so maybe it was too soon for the backpack!

Today I saw my radiologist due to some pain/ swelling and discomfort under my arm and in the chest areas where I had surgery & radiation.
It began while we were on the trip and we were suspecting I strained the muscles and maybe was developing some lymphodema.
The doctor checked it out today and said it is not acting like typical lymphodema and feels I overdid it carrying the backpack.
I tried swimming yesterday to see if that would loosen it up, but it just made it worse.
The good news- he said he could not feel any cancer and thinks it is just strained. I need to let it heal.
The not so good news is I can't and wasn't supposed to be lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. I also can't swim ( lap swimming) until next summer.
He said over this next year it will be healing and scar tissue will be forming as well as some changes to the skin. So... until next summer, I have to take it easy on that arm and keep the radiated area covered from the sun.
He said running is still fine :)
I am scheduled to have labs and a PET scan to check everything out. I will then see my oncologist. This is all part of my normal care/check up. I believe the PET scan will be next week, so prayers for good test results are appreciated :) Thanks all!


Anonymous said...

Phil Drasner
terrific news -

Emy Spaeth Storms
glad it's not worse!

Cynthia Elliott
I'm glad to hear a prescription of resting. :)

Anonymous said...

Cindy L Minich
I pray all is well.

Shannon House Tilton
praying for you!!

Phil Drasner
thinking good thoughts here

Cynthia Elliott
Cynthia Elliott
I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.~HUG!~

Anonymous said...

Hello Elayne,
How you have been on my mind. You know I will always have a special spot on my prayer list especially for you. I'm going to call you in a couple of days. We have sooo much to talk about. Especially now that we're not going to be mother-in-laws!!!!I still love Tim even though he has found someone to love. Will also keep him and Stephanie in our prayers as they begin their new adventure together. Love ya, Diane

Anonymous said...

Kimberly Luvs Keithies
rest rest rest...and REST.

Tammy Uretsky
you've been very busy this summer. now is time to relax.


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