Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What has become a routine morning for a husband & wife

This morning Chris and I were up early to head out for a PET scan and more blood work. They sure took a lot of tubes today.This test is for me one of the harder ones.
It begins the day before with the restriction of all caffeine, sugar, exercise/activity for 24 hours.Already I am not having fun. Without failure I wake up with a headache that continues to get worse by the minute and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
After an hour drive to the hospital, we check in and wait to be called for labs. Here a port is put in my arm, about 6-8 tubes of blood taken and off to the next waiting room.... radiology.
OK, here is the part that just kills me. Most people in this room, like me have not been allowed food, drink, caffeine, etc. So as soon as you walk in ahhhh..the smell of fresh coffee! But most of us can't have any! I asked Chris if he wanted some, he looked as bad as I felt. He said "no, I will wait for you". I said, it won't hurt my feelings if you get some ( I sure would of it I were him:). He was kind and waited till I was called back before he got some.
Next, I am escorted to a room about the size of a closet where you sit back in a recliner to begin.
           "During a PET scan, a patient receives an injection of a small amount of radioactive glucose (sugar) into their bloodstream.  There is no danger from this injection.  The radiation exposure associated with PET is similar to that of conventional CT scanning.  Next, the patient will wait about an hour while the injection is distributed through their body.  Then the patient will lie on a table, keeping their head still, that will slowly pass through the scanner. 
            The entire visit lasts about two to three hours.  The actual procedure is safe with no side effects, and lasts about forty-five minutes". Today, I fell asleep listening to my ipod during the first part and had to be woken up :)
The difficulty I have with this test is from the headache and lack of food. I usually feel very tired and weak. 
I am very fortunate to have Chris bring me to the hospital and then take me to Corner Bakery when we are done for food and coffee!It makes me feel better when he is with me. He tells me "don't worry, I've got your back".

I give myself a break on these days to take it easy after I get home and rest so I feel better tomorrow to teach my classes.
I hate doing these tests but also realize how necessary they are to monitor how I am doing, and to see if my treatments are working.
This was the first scan since my surgery and radiation.... so please pray for great results. While I waited in the scanner today, I simply prayed to God and said "you know".


Anonymous said...

Sweet Elayne,
Such comfort to know that He even knows our sighs. No words needed.
I always love your comments about coffee. I can almost feel your wanting that coffee and I don't even drink the stuff, just love to smell it!
In my prayers dear friend.
Love, Diane

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Elayne,

I know we do not know each other very well but I do keep up with your blog and I send you and your family my prayers every single night.

I just wanted to say something to you know your most recent blog post about your PET scan. I have had 5 major back surgeries and 9 minor ones since I was 14 years old so I am familiar with test after test after test with lack of food and water and the awful anxiety that comes accompanies not knowing test results and what is wrong. I know that what I have gone through is not nearly at the magnitude of what you go through on a day-to-day basis. My mom and I read your blog and find you such an unbelievable inspiration. I cried reading about your PET scan and Chris giving up his coffee. I think your blogs are wonderful and full of insight and are so real.

I just wanted to let you know how inspiring I find you. I'm sure this seems strange so out of the blue. But I was so overcome with emotion from your blog that I felt I had to write you.

Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and your family everyday!! God bless and stay as strong as you are. You are an amazing woman.

- Katherine Christian

What's Going On... said...

So glad it all went well! What a sweet husband you have! Such a blessing to be supported and loved by such wonderful men! : ) Loved this post and the poem!

Racn4acure said...

Keep hanging in there Elayne. That test is amazing. When I had it I got a chuckle out of the tech leaving me in a little lead room for an hour by myself so they would not get radiation exposure. Glad your husband is there to get your back - a good guy! I visited my sister (the one with metastatic breast cancer, as it is now in her femur) last week and it was so good to see her. I think of you often as you go through this difficult period, and pray that God continues to give you tremendous strength. Art


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