Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another son getting married!

                                   Tim and Stephanie are engaged!


kimberly said...


Erika Minich said...

Time flyes.


Anonymous said...

Amy O'Neill Hawk Yay!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! GO TIM!!! Mya and I would love to see you again soon Elayne.

Anonymous said...

Noelle Minich Clark
pretty girl....and happy looking guy!

Anonymous said...

Emy Spaeth Storms
whaaaaattttttt????? Who's Stephanie?? Congratulations! How exciting! Is she from here?

Lucy Evans Daniels
Congratulations!! :-)

Karen Galban
How exciting!!!

Karen Galban
How exciting!!!

Marcus-Ivy Minich
yay! congratulations!

Gwen Hambrick
Wow!!! Congrats!! You didn't even tell us he had a girlfriend. Fun, Fun. Did you get to meet her while you were there??

Michelle Rosenstein Lubin
Tim's moving home permanently? And engaged?! WOW!!! Lots of news!!

Valarie Holman
how exciting! :-)

Kimberly Luvs Keithies
Congrats! You're starting to get girls in your family now...woo hoo!

Robin Myers
oh my.... I have been off facebook for a while - and this is the first thing I seen.... Congratulations!!!! WHO is Stephanie?

Phil Drasner
how wonderful is that!!


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