Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just a great day!

Yesterday began with a trip to see my oncologist, Dr. A. This was my first time to make the longer drive out to see him. It was not bad thanks to my new GPS that got me there and back no problem. I am glad I chose to stay with him and make the drive.
The news was great and the PET Scan results read as follows;

‎"There is no abnormal hyper-metabolic accumulation to suggest any evidence of recurrent or metastatic disease. Previously seen uptake in the right anterior chest wall has COMPLETELY RESOLVED in the interim". 

Dr. A said my labs looked fine and to come back to see him in 6 months! I have been having some trouble with stiffness and tightness under the arm that was radiated. He said it is scar tissue and to stretch it, massage and continue with exercise.  Was given the ok to swim ( laps) and train for a tri-athalon if I want to :) He knows I will know what the limits are and trusts me not to push too hard. It is wonderful when there is an equal trust with your Dr. He allows me to live my life and said I have been able to accomplish things he has not seen others do. With that said, he and I both give the Glory to God!

Came home to a nice clean house, thanks to Maria and was able to take my CEC exam to keep my Personal Trainer Cert. current. Passed that, paid my yearly dues and am all set until the next exam in 6 months.

Today ends another session with my "Little Swimmers" and Monday begins session 3!

When you live test to test, month to month and day to day, it is just nice to have a great day!


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Racn4acure said...

That is all great news, Elayne! Art


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