Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teaching my "Little Swimmers"~ session 2

It has been a fun and busy summer, not to mention ridiculously hot! These are some pictures from my second session. I had a total of 8 kids this session ages 2-7

TJ ( my nephew :) doing bobs.
Sophie ( my niece) learning how to blow bubbles and kick ....
This is Sarah from one of the 3 year old classes. The goal is always safety first. So, here she is jumping in, swimming back to the wall and pulling herself out of the water with no help!

Summer & Josh from another 3 year old class. It is a great idea to have an instructor come to your house to teach your kids so they learn safety and swimming at the pool they will be in the most. That is what I did for these next two classes.

Learning how to float and swim on their backs. This is a hard one to get them to trust you with, especially if they have never met you before :)

Going to the bottom to pick up the "Rocket Ship"!

swimming through the hoop under water and practicing kicks and arms...  which we call ice cream scoops!

My youngest swimmers of the season were Hayden and Liam who swam with mom in a two year old WaterTots class.... Liam was sick on the last day so Hayden got to be the ham for the camera.. so cute!
Hayden learning to blow bubbles..........
Splashing in the waterfall while doing his "monkey walk" was a favorite.

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Erika Minich said...

That looks really fun.


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