Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking Like Lymphedema

Went to my doctors office today to get a Faslodex shot and a Lupron injection. Lucky me, the Lupron was not in so I get to go back for that one.

I did see the doctor ( not my regular Onc) and asked him to take a look at my arm and hand. I have been having trouble with slight swelling, discomfort/tightness and restricted range of motion in my right arm. This is the side that I had surgery and radiation on.
He gave me some medication to try for 5 days, I think it is a diuretic. If that does not help he said I will need to be fit for a compression sleeve. I would like to talk with my regular doctor first before I take the diuretic. Not sure that is the correct way to go as I have all the "symptoms" of mild lymphedema and would prefer to do the therapy needed before it gets worse or infected.


By Mayo Clinic staff Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs. Although lymphedema tends to affect just one arm or leg, sometimes both arms or both legs may be swollen.
Lymphedema is caused by a blockage in your lymphatic system, an important part of your immune and circulatory systems. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and as the fluid builds up, the swelling continues.
There's no cure for lymphedema, but it can be controlled. Controlling lymphedema involves diligent care of your affected limb.
Compression Sleeve;


Tim said...

Does "diligent care of your affected limb" include tubing behind a boat?

Elayne said...

TIMMMMM.....shhhhhh :)

Racn4acure said...

My sister-in-law has been plagued by that (and by cellulitis) ever since her mastectomies of 20+ years ago now. I know it must be miserable.

By the way, I love the photo of you on the Irish Mountain. Art

Elayne said...

Art~ Sorry to hear your sister-in-law has had it for so many years. I hadit very mild in my hand 12 years ago, wore a "glove" for a while and never had trouble again...til now.
The last surgery and radiation were the culprits this time :)I am researching it now and it appears exercise is key for therapy so...yea!
The climb up Mt. Brenden in Ireland was the highlight of our trip!6 miles up, absolutely breathtaking!


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