Monday, April 7, 2014

F- Fifty Years!

Just a few more months and I hit the big 50! The birthday you recieve gag gifts like canes and Depends. I will officially be heading "over the hill". Is that how everyone see's the big 50?

How about Fifty and Fabulous? Fit at 50 ? Growing Bolder, instead of growing older? I kind of like this thought process much better myself.
I honestly did not think I would ever see 50 years. Not when your diagnosed at 34 with stage 3 cancer and 43 with stage 4 mets. So, I welcome the 50's and hope to welcome many more decades!

Celabrate your birthdays, never be discouraged about growing older. There is still so much life to live, things to do, and people to love.

Have fun celabrating your specail days, I know I will be!

1 comment:

christieminich said...

Ha! 50! You are a mere baby! :)
I'll be 56 soon.

I look forward to seeing you look forward to DECADES!


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