Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time of year in Texas

Today was that day each Spring that Chris and I put the finishing touches on our yard and gardens.

Unfortunately we lost another tree in a storm a few days ago. In our part of  Texas we value our trees, so each one is special and very much appreciated.

The first tree was a gift for Mothers day when my kids were young. It was sad when it came down along with all the fences and my swing in it's path! Not long after, a shoot from the downed tree began to grow and we once again have my " mothers day" tree growing! My son and hubby cutting down what was left of it.

The tree that came down a few days ago had a beautiful bench under it, which also was in the path of destruction.

Today we, meaning mostly my hubby, finished the gardens, and have the yard ready for another Texas Spring. Hopefully with all remaining tree's intact:)

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