Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The gift of intimacy with close friends and family is so important. Especially when you go through the hard times and trials that life brings our way.

Today I was reminded of that several times. Yesterday I called my oncology nurse because I have noticed small cuts that have been appearing and bleeding much more than a tiny scab should bleed.
She had me come in today to check me out and check my labs. Fortunately my labs were fine and they did not think the small cuts were any kind of skin cancer.

What I did notice was how caring my nurses were as they knew I was nervous. I got hugs and love you's on my way out.

My dear friend came with me. She is also going through chemo for breast cancer. We were great friends before but this brings our friendship to a deeper level.  We stopped at a favorite place for a cupcake and coffee. As we talked we encouraged each other about staying strong, keeping a positive attitude, exercising and staying on track with healthy eating.Yes, as we were eating a cupcake! We made the decision to search out all the local places that serve healthy organic foods so we continue to make good choices when we celebrate, as we did today.

I appreciated the care my nurses gave me today, the time and encouragement from my friend and the texts from the few people that knew I was having the labs checked today to see if all was ok. Having close people in my life that I can have intimate conversations with, laugh with, cry with and rejoice with has been imperative.
For this I am very blessed!

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