Monday, April 14, 2014


This past Saturday I along with 2 very close friends and fellow survivors attended the Komen survivor celebration of Hope.
This was my 4th year to attend. As happy as I was to have two of my closest friends with me, my heart breaks that they also were attending because of a breast cancer diagnosis.
Each year we look forward to a little pampering, delicious brunch and being surrounded by so many who also walk this path.
There are women who have been diagnosed as recently as just a few weeks ago, to the longest living survivor of 39 years! This brings so much hope to all of us, no matter how long your fight has been.
They ask us to fill out cards at the table acknowledging the newest and longest surviving person. This year it happened to be me and one of my friends.

There is a fashion show and choir made up solely of survivors. The Komen foundation shows where the money raised goes to in the surrounding counties.
For me I am inspired by all these strong women and the people in their lives known as co-survivors.
I have hope for myself and my friends that are there with me when they ask all survivors of 40, 30, 20 years and so on to stand up.
I also hope that when I stood up when they called out for 15 years that this brings hope to others as it did for me when I was in my earlier years of this fight.
This event has inspired me to find some way to volunteer to help others, whether in a big or small way.


Rhonda Albom said...

Several years ago my sister did a 3 day walk as a fund raiser for Susan Komen foundation in honor of our mother. It must have been a very mix of emotion to share with your friends.

Elayne said...
Yes Rhonda it was. I would love to do the 3 day walk. So glad you and your sister were able to honor your mom!


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