Monday, April 21, 2014

N & O

I am getting drastically behind so it's time to double up on a few letters. This post is about two very special ladies and their babies. They have been best friends since kindergarten. They dreamed of their future husbands, children and living close to each other raising their kiddos together.
We all have those friendships from our childhood, but how many of us get to live those little girl dreams? These two have! Nikki is my daughter in law and Nicole is her best friend as well as a friend of ours.

N is for Noah! He is the son of Nicole and Ryan , just recently born to these fantastic parents!

O is for Oliver! He is the son of Nikki and my son Kevin! Our second grandson! We will soon get to meet him. I am already in love with him! Our grandson Liam will soon be a big brother and "cousin". I love all 3 of these boys and see some babysitting to three little boys in our near future!

Love these girls, their hubby' s and their beautiful son's! How wonderful to see their dreams coming true.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. We love you Nonna!

Anonymous said...

I love this posting, we are so blessed to be a part of the Munich family.Noah loves you all!! He can't wait to meet his cousin Oliver and hang out with Liam when he's older.
Love you Elayne


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