Sunday, April 6, 2014

E - Exercise

Where do you work? I used to love that question because I loved where I worked! I went to swimming pools, football fields, basketball courts,parks and and trails for my job. Everyday I was able to teach people about exercising, nutrition, working hard and so much more.

I watched a class start and struggle as they worked so hard to get through day one of bootcamp or a run class. They worked out, they worked hard, they transformed into healthier, active people. They set goals and challenges, and completed them! What a great job to be a part of that as a Personal Trainer and 5k run coach!

This passion for exercise has always been there for me. It's fun when you choose the things you love! Maybe it's a team sport, or an individual sport. Whatever you love doing is what you should do!

I began teaching swim lessons when I was 17 and absolutly fell in love with it. Watching my swimmers come in and see how much they could learn in just a couple of weeks was amazing! I know some have gone on to swim for clubs and all that I know of have always loved swimming.

When I had to stop teaching and training almost 2 years ago it was one of the hardest things to give up. It also left me unable to exercise as well. I could do some light yoga and walk but that was about it.

I hit rock bottom physically and emotionally after many, many rounds of chemo. I knew I had to do something. So, we went to see my oncologist and asked him if I could begin Physical therapy. I HAD to exercise again! I was weak, everything hurt and I could not breathe well when I began. Slowly but surely I gained strength, the pain eased, my energy got better and my still a work in progress.

Physical therapy is doing exactly what I thought and knew it would do. Sometimes even the trainer needs help and I am so glad I asked for it. I encourage you to ask for help if you need to. Join a class, fitness club or run group. Surround yourself with others who are working hard, just like you!
Find something you love, get outside and enjoy all the benefits of a great workout, as often as possible!

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geemolina said...

Very well said dear. I'm not very good in exercising but I try my best to do it. I'm gaining some weight and it has this weird impact on my self-esteem. I plan to be healthier. And I will. I hope so.



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