Thursday, April 3, 2014

C, chemo runners

So, what are " chemo runners" ? Just a name I chose for this blog on the letter c!
We are runners that somewhere amidst the miles and miles of running we find out we have cancer.
There is a broad spectrum of the many different cancers so this is not a one size fits all diagnosis, treatment or recovery.

The big question begins right away..
Can I still run? For some people the answer is yes, for others it is no. Some of us find ways to continue running or picking up a different sport for a while.
I was able to run a half and a full marathon while going thru treatment. It took the will, passion and desire to do it as well as support from my Dr and medical team. Most of all the support from friends, family and God... I had it all!

When you see someone out there training or participating in a race/ event of any king, give them a high five, yell words of encouragement. Let them know you respect how hard it must be to train for such an event while their body is fighting against them!

My son and daughter in law will be running in Dallas this weekend. I would have loved to be out there with them. There is a special bond when you cross a finish line together, no matter what that line represents. My hope is to be there at the end cheering them on!

When you see the runners out there with their survivor pink ,purple or any color shirts that let you know how hard they have worked to get to that finish line..Remember this is their victory for that day, that moment. Give them a shout out. I promise they will never forget it!


Life SPW said...

I commend you for your Chemo Runners. I am the spouse of a cancer patient and really appreciate the sense of hope and victory your efforts provide. Be well!

Elayne said...

Thank you Life SPW!Wishing you and your spouse the very best! Elayne.


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