Sunday, April 4, 2010

This too shall pass~

A while back when I was beginning my radiation treatment I wrote about the similarities between training for a marathon and going through cancer treatments.

Well, now a few months and 25 treatments later I am facing the hard part of this "training". In particular;
you have to get up each day and push through physically weather you feel like it or not
you have to get used to pain and learn how to ignore it

The pain from the burns is much worse than the previous times I have had radiation. In particular, under my arm. My energy levels are so low that when I do feel ok, I want to do everything. That , however does not last long. Taking all these medications is also a struggle and knowing what the right thing to do and take make for very difficult decisions.

I know I have to get through this part and "this too shall pass". Thanks for listening & for your thoughts & prayers.
By the way,I would take training for and running a marathon over this any day!


CLM said...

I'm so sad you have to go through this. I am praying for you. I know it has got to be so hard. God is with you holding your hand. Call me if you ever need to - anytime.

Racn4acure said...

I know you will prevail, Elayne. You are a warrior. By coincidence, my Team in Training update this week will be entitled "If you think a marathon is tough, try chemotherapy." Happy belated Easter and hang in there. Art

Elayne said...

Thank you Cindy & Art!
I was able to walk a 5k last night, my first time out in about 2 weeks. Felt pretty good, but have a ways to go :)

Happy Easter to you too Art! Have a great time with your Team. I think TNT is the best! My coaches STILL keep in touch with me!

sue murphy- perrotti said...

I wish I could be there for you.You bring tears to my eyes everytime I read your blogs. U are an amazing woman I wish I could of ment you way back. But please know I am thinking of you always.xoxo sue


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