Thursday, April 8, 2010

chemo or not??

Today I saw my Onc. and spent quite a bit of time discussing what to do from here for my treatment.This is a difficult decision for me.When this was a new cancer and a rough 6 months was ahead, to aggressively treat it I could wrap my head around that, there was an end end in sight. One filled with hope. Because this cancer has metastasized, there is with that the knowledge that it is incurable BUT treatable, with only God knowing the answers.
So we, myself, Chris and my team of doctors/nurses try to make the best choices we can with the knowledge we have at this time.
Both of my doctors took a look at the burns today from the radiation and gave me some medicine that will help with the healing and a numbing agent in it to help with the pain.
What we know is the hormone therapy has worked well for me so I will continue on the Lupron injections. I was on Arimidex and taken off it the past 2 weeks due to headaches, severe pain in my hands and my BP being high. All have gone away since stopping it. So... I will once again be getting another drug, Faslodex, by injections. I stopped it once before because of side effects and I guess I will have to decide which side effects I can live with.Prayers are needed here :)
So, back off Arimidex and back on Faslodex.
The Tykerb, when it was raised to 5 pills a day started to cause a lot of stomach pain and problems, which I have had these past few days. Dr. A told me to go back to 4 again.
One of the hardest decisions was whether to begin chemo or not. At this time we have decided not to. I will continue the hormone treatments and my scans/labs to monitor closely.
My recent labs came back with my tumor markers down and in normal range again! Chris and I will continue to pray about these decisions and seek the Lord.


Noelle said...

Oh, Elayne. I am praying for you. You're right...God is in control. He tells us He has a plan for us. The only thing I know is to hold close to Him and trust Him.

Kevin and Nikki said...

We love you, Mama! You're so strong; it's beyond admirable. We think of you in everything we do. Xoxo

Nik & Kev :)

Anonymous said...

When I was five I remember a little sign that hung on my Grandfathers kitchen wall that simply stated "Prayer Changes Things." As I grew up each time I would enter that room I would look at it and read it over and over. More than 50 years have passed and I have that very sign and still read, "Prayer Changes Things." Elayne, you're always in my prayers. Love, Diane

sharon said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


Racn4acure said...

So many difficult times and decisions for you. My heart aches for you, I am so saddened you must go through this. But keep fighting, do what is right for you. You and your mother in law are in my prayers. Regarding the incurable aspect, at Cancer Survivor's Park in San Diego, there was a sign that said at least one person has survived every type of cancer there is.


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