Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Healing & Helping Hands

I am quite happy to say that the burns are finally healing and I am feeling much better! I was able to get a cream that helped with the pain and healing. It worked quite well and very fast. I now have a tan ( and peeling skin, yuck) in the most ridiculous of areas! My energy is also much better,but still have a ways to go.I have run a few times, but am not yet back to a regular routine.

Things got kind of rough there for a while and I feel so very fortunate to have had so many friends that brought us dinners and offered help. Each and every dinner was a blessing as that time of day is difficult from fatigue. So.. thank you everyone!

As I write this, my next blessing is Maria, who is here now! We decided to get some help with keeping up with cleaning the house. She is as sweet as can be and this allows me to handle teaching and training my clients and keep up with everything else.
For me, being able to teach, exercise and continue my "normal" day to day life is a vital part of staying well. These few things that may seem small have been a huge help!

With that said... it is time to pay bills, do the dishes and laundry! Have a wonderful Day!

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