Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A very long day!

Well, finally it is over! PET scan was this morning followed by an apt. with Dr. A. First things first, the test results were all clear! Prayers answered in a mighty way! This does not mean I have not had a re-occurrence, I have.It is located in  the original cancer site and will require treatment.
The amazing part is that absolutely nothing showed up on ANY of the tests, including this area that was biopsied. So, there has been no further spread! !Dr.A told us over and over how "odd" and complicated my cancer has behaved, but that these are great results!
So, where we go from here? The standard protocol would now be chemotherapy. However, we all agree that the treatments I have done so far have worked very well. Usually when the cancer spreads to the bone it is 6 mo. to a year before it spreads further to the organs. It has been just about 4 years now for me.
Because of that he is keeping me on the protocol I have been doing and sending me to my radiologist Thursday morning to have him evaluate whether or not I am able to have more radiation to this particular area. This is now the next  prayer request. We are hoping this will "shut down" this tumor along with the current meds I am on to prolong chemo, if I even choose to go that route at all.
I have, in the past responded well to radiation. Surgery is really not an option as they would have to remove the chest wall and then have skin grafts done using skin from other parts of my body. It MIGHT get it all and it might not. Dr. A does not feel it is worth the risks. I would say we agree since there is no way to know if it would even work.
Basically I am in "uncharted waters" and other than chemo being the standard protocol here everything else is an educated guess. Prayer for discernment here.
By the time I finished the PET my migraine was in full swing. I took 3 advil, imitrix nasal spray and a phenergen. I was so sick I could not eat or drink anything, including my coffee. I had to lay down in the car for about an hour and wait it out. Finally, it eased up and I was able to eat and drink. We had about a 2 hour wait from test to Dr. visit so this is how it was spent.
I felt good enough by the time we headed home to go to Yogurt story.That hit the spot:) I am tired and relieved to be done with this day. Prayerfully, I will be able to have radiation and it will "knock this one out". Then I can once again dance with Mr.NED ( No Evidence of Disease) until next time.
* Mr NED is a saying my friend Kim uses on her blog and I thought it was great! Thanks Kim!


Better is Possible said...

Thrilled to hear such a good report. My prayers are with you and for discernment for your medical. Blessings upon you and your family. May the favour of our Lord be upon you!

Kim said...

Yipee!!!! Although it still stinks to have any reoccurance, I am doing the happy dance that it is local. I am praying for guidance in your therapy choice! And, Mr NED likes multiple partners, and he can't wait to take you to the dance floor!!

Retired Knitter said...

Wonderful wonderful news!!!!!!

You are indeed a walking miracle. And since only God creates miracles, you are in good hands.

Elayne said...

From Facebook friends and family~

Brenna Dudley Praise the Lord He is good!!!! :)

Barbara Murphy Your right uncharted complicated waters ! Sounds stable and as always hope , thoughts and prayers ! hTP for NED !

Karen Galban Great news! Prayers still being sent your way.

Kimberly Phillips Barillas You've already got this thing beat. That stupid cancer doesn't know what to do since it invaded somebody who is as strong willed and healthy as you are. Keep doing what you're doing, God's got the rest. Praying~

Wow - what a two weeks for you and your family. This is tough - but you will make the right decision - you have so far - good luck Elaine with all these thoughts to process and HAPPY Birthday.... soon.

Maryann said...

This is great news Elayne. Will continue to keep you in prayer as decisions are made concerning treatment.
Blessings to you

Racn4acure said...

Hi Elayne - that is great news overall (not the migraine part). Keep positive. Cancer sucks but you have a bunch of people cheering for you. Art


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