Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 and Muga Scan results

Today was the muga scan to check on my heart function. A few years ago after being put on a drug called Herceptin my IF ( Injection fraction) number dropped to 45 from a start of 58 before treatment ( which is considered fine). Due to the drop to 45 ( which was not ok) I had to stop the treatment on Herceptin.
This past January I was checked again and it was back up to 50, better! Today, as I laid on the table I was praying for a higher number, something over 50.
Within 30 seconds of that prayer I was told first test showed my IF # at 54! I smiled and said "Thank you Lord".
Then, the second test , as I was saying Thank you, it was 56! Inside I am smiling a big smile. Test 3...IF # 57!! One away from where I began before the treatment and damage to my heart!
This was good news today and I am very pleased with that number! Keep the prayers coming everyone!
Thank you all for allyour thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement.


Kim said...

AWESOME on the heart results!! Praying that you feel the peace and love while you wait for the test results. (The waiting is the worse, when I had my bone scan, I was positive it was positive as the tech was training a student and they zoned in on some areas and I overheard their conversation--urghh...anyways, I overacted and scan was good.) Here's to clean scans! Prayers and thoughts, k.

Racn4acure said...

You just gave me a big smile, Elayne! Art

Maryann said...

You continue to be in my prayers, great news on your results!

Elayne said...

From my Facebook friends and family~

Richard Minich Just read your blog and it sure is anxiety time. God be with you and so will our prayers. I'll bet Ed and Lois are praying for you too.

Nancy Despres Thanks for posting blog site. I read it. Can't say that I uderstand what the numbers mean, but what is important is that you've found a way to express yourself to readers and touch others lives with inspiration.

Emy Spaeth Storms Yes please! Praise!!


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