Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days one and Two...

Just a note on how things are going so far. I wish I had some results to share, but I do not have them yet.
Monday was a long day with a bone scan, chest x-ray and labs. After so many years of going through these tests you get pretty good at reading the technicians expressions and knowing what "lets just take a few more pictures" means.
I think I did a pretty good job at freaking myself out trying to do just that and was sure by the end that they "saw things". After all, the girl that did my chest xray did not make eye contact with me after she "checked the films" and the one that did my bone scan said "let's just take a few closer shots here for grins". OK, I know I am reading too much into this but in my nervousness I tend to do this. So, I wait for the real answers.
As always, my hubby was by my side and we went out for lunch and walked around an outdoor shopping area while we waited for me to glow! There is a 3 hr wait for the radiation to do it's thing before the bone scan.

Day two was today with a visit to my neurologist. Filled him in on what is going on, then discussed how things are going with my headaches (HA)/migraines.
Also, I had an "episode" about 2 weeks ago with severe dizziness. He said it sounded like vertigo and was probably the onset ( an aura) for a migraine. For that, I am to let him know if it happens again. For the HA and migraines he gave me some different meds to try and said to stay on the Advil ( works well for me) for the HA.
  Tomorrow is day 3 of tests with a muga scan in the AM. Will write more when I know more. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


Kevin and Nikki said...

We're praying hard for comfort & good results!
We love you Mama!

Elayne said...

From my Facebook friends and family~

Billy Donise Reed
Staying updated with your blog. Praying for you!

Dianne Hayes Smith
Hey Elaine. I am reading your blog daily. I am praying for you daily also. Love you, girl!

Shannon Tilton Continuing to pray!!! Stay strong and just know you have lots and lots of people praying and God is hearing each and every one. He loves you so much, and so do I!!! :)

ellen said...

prayers and hugs!!!


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