Monday, July 18, 2011

Today & Tomorrow

Well it is 9 PM and I have made it so far with my "no caffeine, sugar or exercise for 24 hrs" regiment. I did get to have my morning coffee thanks to my son Matt who did a Starbucks run for his deperate mama :). We had run out of coffee, today of all days!
The no sugar part is the easiest of all three. I did have one group class this morning and met with a new client tonight. No exercise for me but helped keep my mind elsewhere.
Tomorrow morning concludes the testing and then we meet with Dr.A to find out ALL the results. I have had my moments of anxiety but have found keeping busy really helps a lot.
We have continued to pray that these tests do not show any further spread than what we recently found out with the skin biopsy. Or better yet that they show no spread what so ever!
Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we face tomorrow. The morning will be difficult after fasting beginning tonight. This, combined with the lack of caffeine triggers my migraines. Then we pray for good results and discernment.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
    Matthew 19:26

                                    thank you in advance~elayne 


Retired Knitter said...

Prayer and keeping busy are the best way to fill your time

... and to remind your self frequently that you can't change what has happened, you did nothing to cause what has happened and the only thing left is to use the future to fight this disease ... just as you have done successfully in the past.

I don't doubt that this is very hard to do ... it is. But you have shown such strength in the past, you can do it again - no matter what the outcome of the tests are.

My prayers are very much with you.

The Other Elaine
Retired Knitter

Kim said...

praying and thinking of you!


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