Friday, July 1, 2011

Nonna's Little Liam

When you think about your Grandparents you always remember them by the fond grandparent name you called them, Grandma, Nana, Mimi, etc.I have never heard anyone refer to a grandparent by their first name, unless it was a part of the grandparent name. Therefore, I have thought long and hard about the name I would like my grandkids to call me and have chosen Nonna, which is Italian for Grandmother. So, here is a picture of Nonna's Little Liam!


Better is Possible said...

Nonna is a wonderful name. Great choice. I wanted to be called Omi, but my Granddaughter chose to call me Gramma Carry-all (My name is Carol) Four years later I'm still Gramma Carry-all and my heart melts every time I hear it! Enjoy.

Jonna said...

That picture is amazing!! I know you are getting SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! Does she have a big shower planned?

Maryann said...

Aren't the ultra sounds these days amazing. I'm just grandma, but my grandson was the one who chose Pop Pop for my husband (even though he was grandpa to the oldest) ever since then he's been Pop Pop to all of them. You'll just love being Nonna.

Kim said...

Just popping in to say you have been on my mind and heart all day...with continued prayers for a benign biopsy report.

Ps. You will absolutely love grandma land--there is nothing like it!

Elayne said...

I love hearing from those of you who have entered "grand-ma" land. I know these little guys may make up their own name or version of Nonna for me, but it;s a start :)
Thank you for the encouragement on becoming a grandma, at 46 it is taking a little getting used to being a grandma :)
Thank you also for the prayers.
Jonna, yes she does in August :)

Kim said...

46...this one I got you beat...I was a grandma at 41--which I thought was too young--but then again, I thought being diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 was too young too. One of the greatest joys of grandma land is that there is nothing sweeter than their little hugs.


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