Thursday, October 7, 2010

You have a brain!!

Yes, this is how I get my test results (which I love having such a good & fun relationship with my oncology team :) I do have a brain and it is alone with only the parts and pieces that should be there.So, YES my test results are fine!
Thank you everyone, once again, for your prayers and support. Now to find out why I am having these migraines??
After talking with my nurse here is what we plan to do;
I will begin keeping a journal to see if there are patterns ( foods, weather, stress,etc).
I will have another faslodex injection on the 25th. At that time they will give me some stronger pain meds in case the headaches return due to the faslodex and we will see if there is a connection to the drug.
As of this morning I do not have a headache ( yay) and hope it has passed. If the migraines return before the 25th, I will call the doctor again.
That is about it for now~ thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great news, Elayne! God is so good!

Racn4acure said...

Wow -maybe I need to have that test, too. It would be good to have proof one way or another about whether I have a brain. :)

I've about given up trying to figure out why I get migraines. They seem to come and go. Glad for you that there is no brain related injury that causes them. Hope you can figure it out. Art


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