Monday, April 15, 2013


Over the past few weekends my husband and I have been thoroughly enjoying getting our yard and garden started for another year.

My garden means so more to me than just the enjoyment of getting outdoors, getting your hands ( and the rest of you) in the dirt, choosing our plants, planning the layout, turning the soil and finally planting all the new growth for another year.

We began gardening about 6 years ago when my brother-in-law Jim was fighting for his life battling leukemia. When we had no control over this situation and the times we could not be by his side, gardening brought to me a comfort by taking care of something I could control... the life growing in my garden.

 Shortly thereafter came my time to once again fight for my life and I knew I wanted to continue gardening.  Still, 6 years later it brings me that same peace and comfort as well as lots of good nutritious fruits, veggies and herbs.
photo by Elayne Minich

Our Spring begins early here and summer lasts LONG. There comes a time in July and August where I swear I am NOT growing another garden next year! The heat and lack of rain makes it very difficult to keep your garden alive. Then each April...we enthusiastically plant again and continue this wonderful life cycle. After all, every good fight for life  is worth the battle!
photos by elayne minich
This year we tried our hands at a pallet garden.  Continuing not only the life cycle of the plants but also introducing another product of a "life cycle" to gardening....our grandson Liam! Happy gardening fellow gardeners!
photos by elayne minich


Sherri Lackey said...

Hey there! I visited your blog yesterday and today I'm nominating you for the Liebster award if you're interested in doing that. If not that's fine too! Best wishes to you as you continue in the A-Z Challenge!

Rinelle Grey said...

I love my garden too. There's something addictive about it. Once you start, I'm not sure that it ever truly leaves you.

Rinelle Grey


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