Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Letter B~ Books

I think for most of us if we have a passion for writing we also have a passion for reading. In this time of fighting cancer I have had to spend a lot of time in  rest and recovery. I have had to be creative with activities that are of a much slower pace. Reading and listening to audio books have been a great way to spend some of this time!

My husband and I love most outdoor activities, and spent most of our free time enjoying them and being together. These are a few of our favorites; running, hiking, biking, swimming, jet skiing camping,traveling and kayaking.
During the first half of chemo I was able to do many of these activities, including a fantastic hike in Oklahoma, we hiked 4 miles on day one and 8 on day two.
 We also took on a 20 mile mountain bike ride, which ended at 14 miles.
http://elayneminich.blogspot.com/2013/03/bikes-butterflies-and-bonk.htmlLots of walks and and even some running and Yin Yoga.

I have read a few books during this time that were not only good reads but helped inspire and motivate me to do my best to continue doing the things I love. Would love to read more like this and hear any of your suggestions.

Crossing Divides: A Couple's Story of Cancer, Hope, and Hiking Montana's Continental Divide

Race for Life (P)

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