Monday, April 8, 2013


How do I express gratitude to all the friends, family, medical teams and complete strangers who have been so gracious and giving to me and my family? I try to always thank each and every person, no matter how big or small this expression of love and care is. It never feels like enough. If I have not thanked you please know how very much you are appreciated!

So here I would like to talk about some of these people and the gift of time, meals, rides,prayers, encouragement and help they have given. On their own, from their hearts...graciously. I also hope these words below may give some of you possible ideas for someone else in your life that may just need a little extra something.

Gratitude for all this and so much more!
 For my sons and husband who never let me spend a night alone in the hospital.They missed work and time from their homes.

For washing my hair,running errands and driving. For mowing our lawn and being their for their parents. For sitting for hours with me during chemotherapy, and just being there to laugh with and enjoy their company.

For my daughter-in-laws who made me meals both at the hospital and at home. Shared their husbands time to help take care of me. Brought my grandson to visit ( best medicine ever:) and sent me special teas to help with side effects and health.

For setting up a Facebook page to keep everyone updated and let people know if and where some help would be appreciated. setting up a gift registry when I made the decision not to wear a wig this time but hats instead. These hats are designed specifically for people who have lost their hair.They cover area's of your head that regular hats do not, giving you total coverage. For all of you that sent one of these wonderful hats to me.

 For all of you who took on the daily antibiotic treatments, driving me and sitting for hours while I received this therapy. You all were great, everyday...7 days a week!
For all the unexpected  , cards, letters, comfy PJ's, movies,books, tea's quilts and more!

For my family and friends that shaved their heads when my hair fell out-Wow!
For my husband who has taken life on triple time. His job and commute combined with taking over so much of the work at home. For just holding me, rubbing the pain out of my neck and back while we watch movie's. Lots of movies! He makes my coffee in  morning so its ready whenever I wake up.He never misses a doctors apt., test or chemo unless I convince him I am ok with a friend or son taking me.

A few special people I must also give a shout out to!
For Donise, she is my dear friend who I wish lived closer. Because she is out of town she comes and stays with us when she can. Her help while here is honestly too many area's t list! Most of all, it is our long talks and friendship that matter most.
For Vicki, another dear friend that has done everything from being my own personal driver,teaching me to crotchet, cooking, cleaning doing our laundry and again, so much more. Our coffee and crotchet time is what I enjoy the most! Well, shopping is pretty great too!
For Janine and all who have  been such a wonderful help with meals! Janine has been bringing meals to us once a week and more! This is not the easiest task as I eat mostly vegetarian and have food allergies. She is brave!
For my mom and dad and family~ they are always there! When things get tough those first responders are usually your family.I love knowing they are always there for me/us.

For the many Blog friends I have made over these years.I love to hear from you and feel as if I know many of you although we have not met.You are so much encouragement! The A-Z challenge opens those doors to "meet" so many more of you! Grateful for the Challenge!

The most important of all has been you! For keeping us uplifted in your prayers.For you, my family & friends from all over.Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!I am so GRATEFUL!
Matthew 18:20
King James Version (KJV)://
20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.


Maryann said...

Encouraging to hear how God is caring for you through the care of family and friends. Reading these lists always reminds me to be more mindful of the many blessings in my own life. You will continue to be in my prayers

Racn4acure said...

Wow - you sure have great support, Elayne! I feel so bad for anyone who goes though an illness like this alone, because there are plenty of people that do. It is always good to count our blessings, isn't it? Art


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